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Mary Jane Skala

Lifestyles Reporter


Mary Jane Skala writes features and covers health issues. She also writes a weekly column about moving to this sometimes-quirky corn and cattle country after 40 years as a newspaper editor in Cleveland.

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Normally David Cantral said it takes years for vaccines to be developed, but currently, COVID-19 vaccines are being fast-tracked. “Personally, I’d be surprised if this and one or more of the other three vaccines in Phase 3 trials aren’t approved by the FDA by January,” he said.

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Health director for Two Rivers Public Health District, is urging Phelps County residents to hold no social gatherings unless absolutely necessary, and to limit such gatherings to 10 people or fewer.

Searching for a Kearney phone number a few days ago. I opened the telephone book, but it wasn’t there. Silly me. Phone books are as out of dat…

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