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KEARNEY — Kearney Runza Seniors’ baseball season has come to an end.

According to coach Brad Archer, a player on the team tested positive for the coronavirus and at a meeting of the coaches and Kearney baseball board President Marty Albrecht, the decision was made to take precautionary measures and end the season.

“It’s a player who hasn’t been around our team or coaches for three or four days and it’s situation where I don’t think anyone on the team or the coaches were exposed,” Archer said. “We just decided to make sure we kept the team and coaches safe.”

The cancellation of Runza’s games does not affect the schedules of other Kearney American Legion teams as no one from those programs is believed to have been exposed.

Runza had four games remaining in the season — a doubleheader Tuesday at Grand Island and a doubleheader Thursday at home against Hastings.

None of the Kearney players or coaches are in quarantine, and none are believed to have been directly exposed.

“The player who tested positive wasn’t around the team. We think he was exposed on Wednesday night. We did not practice on Wednesday and he was not at the game on Thursday and we didn’t practice on Friday and obviously we didn’t play this weekend,” Archer said.

Kearney ended the season the season with a 21-7 record.

While the season has been surrounded by unusual circumstances, Archer said once the season began, it felt like a normal season.

“We’re running into this situation now, but we ended up playing 28 games and when the season started you never knew how many games you were going to play. ... It could have been 10 or eight and we were just happy to play the games,” he said.