We hope you are enjoying your visit to the Kearney trade area's most comprehensive and most visited website, KearneyHub.com.

KearneyHub.com is one of a number of publications and services produced by the Kearney Hub.

Our company's flagship is the Kearney Hub newspaper. Founded in 1888, the Hub provides award-winning local news coverage for south-central Nebraska and is the most efficient advertising vehicle for businesses to reach a market area that covers all or parts of 10 counties and more than 68,000 adults. Compelling news and advertising information results in high readership of the Hub, published afternoons Monday through Friday and Saturday morning.

In addition to the Hub newspaper and KearneyHub.com, our company also produces a number of successful marketing events, including our Prime Senior Festival in October. We operate a central printing plant that produces 10 area weekly papers and a variety of other publications. We also produce a number of niche publications, including a glossy magazine, called Discover Kearney, which is published three times a year and provides entertainment and tourism information for visitors and newcomers.

For more information about any of these marketing and publishing services, please contact us at (308) 237-2152 or (800) 950-6113.

The Hub is a unique and richly symbolic name for a company that produces a newspaper and an array of other information products, such as kearneyhub.com. The word is short and strong, conjuring many positive images. By definition, it means being at the center of things, exactly where a good newspaper and its website belong.

For our part of the world, the wagon wheel hub has even greater meaning. Kearney was an important stop on the Platte River Valley thoroughfare that led to the settling of much of the West. Others came, saw the valley and surrounding fertile lands, and made a home here. To all of them, the wagon wheel became a symbol of their journeys and their new life.

Today, the term Hub also relates to the city of Kearney's position as a center of commerce, education, and health care for Nebraska. The area served by Kearney includes several of the fastest growing counties in Nebraska and contains a diverse mix of agriculture, manufacturing, retail, outdoor recreation, education and health care services. The city of Kearney is home to the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Good Samaritan Hospital, the Museum of Nebraska Art, Fort Kearny State Park and Recreation Area, the renowned annual migration of the sandhill cranes, the Viaero Event Center, and the Great Platte River Road Archway, a $60 million interactive historical exhibit spanning Interstate 80.