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Enrollment dropped 2.7% at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln compared to last year, a figure the flagship campus attributed to a 13.5% dip in international students as well as a record 3,600 degrees awarded last spring.

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Colleges and universities are using federal money from the American Rescue Plan to clear outstanding debts for students and recent graduates who enrolled in their institution on or after March 13, 2020. Both students and their respective institutions will benefit from this debt clearance, according to Chittenden. The debt clearance will enable students to continue with their education and pursue career goals, he writes. Meanwhile, institutions will be able to clear debts without tapping into their own finances.

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As things stand now, student loan borrowers are mostly barred from discharging their loans through bankruptcy. However, under the proposed FRESH START through Bankruptcy Act, borrowers can get their federal loan debts discharged if they prove that the debt caused “undue hardship” during the first 10 years of payment.

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