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Means: Guess who made the bed

Means: Guess who made the bed

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I don’t make my bed. I’m not one of those people who says, “If you wake up and make your bed, you will accomplish something right away and you’re bound to have a productive day!”


When I wake up, I head straight to the coffee pot and that means I’ll have a productive day.

But back to making my bed.

I don’t. Except for one occasion — when I have to wash the sheets.

I don’t like to do that either, but dirty sheets are disgusting so I do.

I know, Mom. You’re thrilled.

I washed our sheets last week. It had been a crazy day full of Christmas cookies and Christmas events and all I wanted to do was walk upstairs after a long Christmas movie and fall onto my bed.

But there was a problem. The sheets were still in a pile on our bed, waiting to be made.

So, I asked my husband if he would please put the sheets on our bed.

He laughed and said no.

I smirked and said some smart remark, and proceeded to drudge my tired body into our bedroom to put those Christmas sheets on the bed.

But when I got to our room, I noticed it was already made.

The fitted sheets were tucked, the comforter was placed and even the pillows were fluffed.

My husband made the bed without telling me. And I wanted to cry happy, tired tears.

I didn’t have to make the bed! I didn’t have to make the bed!

And that, my friends, sums up 14 years of marriage.

We celebrated our anniversary on New Year’s Eve. Fourteen years — gone in a flash. I know I was just 23 years old, walking down the aisle, butterflies flying, so anxious to marry that handsome, tall, kind, loving man.

I didn’t know then what I know now — that marriage is made up of a million little things.

The grand gestures are wonderful too, of course, but with a mortgage, student loans, three babies, a new cat, two jobs, volunteer gigs and a partridge and a pear tree, the big things don’t happen nearly as often as we like.

We’ve been married for only 14 years, but I’m pretty sure I already know the secret to success — it’s those little things, those little moments that make a marriage last. Because in these moments, a selfless love is shown over and over again.

I pray I am able to do the same for him, forever.


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