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Will our flag ever fly again at full-staff?

Will our flag ever fly again at full-staff?

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I’ve been thinking lately that with the tidal wave of mass shootings that have happened in the United States in the past couple of months and President Biden ordering the flags at half staff to honor the victims of many of the shootings, it has been rather difficult to keep track of it all.

All of these recent shootings have been happening one after the other, so trying to figure out what shooting is horrific enough to merit lowering the flags, and for how many days the flags need to be down, and if another shooting happens while the flags are at half staff for a previous shooting, do we need an extension to the flag lowering or does it count for all of the shootings that happen while the flags are at half staff?

Maybe it would be easier if a document were promulgated that put the flag lowering criteria into an ordered system. Something that would lay out how many need to die in a given time frame to deserve a flag lowering, how long the flag needs to be down, and what to do if one or more shootings occur while the flags are already at half staff for a different shooting(s).

With guidelines we could avoid any confusion about when, for how long, and what events the flag should be lowered for.

Perhaps you’re thinking right now that this is not only macabre, but absurd. You might be asking yourself, instead of putting a value on people’s lives and brutal deaths, maybe we should prevent this from happening in the first place?

Trying to prevent mass shootings? Now THAT is absurd. The way to deal with mass shootings is not prevention, it’s learning to numbly resign ourselves to the fact that we, or our loved ones, could someday be shot in the face by a criminally deranged person. I don’t see any reasonable alternative.

If you haven’t already put it together, that was all sarcasm. This is an insane situation and history is judging us extremely harshly for having done literally nothing to this point.

Jordan Neben, Kearney

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