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Trump best president in 35 years

Trump best president in 35 years


In reference to letters on Aug. 31 and Sept. 5, “Apathy” and “Speak Out,” I too am not apathetic. I’m fearful, maybe, sometimes to speak out. Differing opinions seem to cause outrage in this day and time, but I certainly would agree with you, there are people exploiting our current events for their political gain, but it is not our current president. As to his election, there was no foreign interference, which has been proven.

The abuses you speak of were perpetrated against Donald Trump, as soon as he was elected, by James Comey, Adam Schiff, and many others too numerous to mention. They are the lawbreakers and should be in jail.

And why would Trump allow the pandemic to ravage this country? Why would he destroy the economy he has worked so hard, mostly by himself, to build?

I say it was those trying to contain the crisis who are the ones who made it worse. They are the ones who have something to gain, not Donald Trump. Does the media tell us the truth or just what they want us to know? Do the doctors and health organizations even know what they are talking about? If so, why is there so much misinformation? We do all have a role to play if we are to keep our republic and our rights are citizens. And if Donald Trump is not reelected we surely will lose out. He may not be likable, but he has done more for this country than any president for the last 35 years or more.

We don’t need any more career politicians who are just good at making promises. Please inform yourselves, and if you don’t know why you are voting for someone, then don’t vote for them.

Don’t think you are voting just to get Trump out of there. There really could be someone worse — much worse.

Margaret Shearer, Minden

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