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Trump acts like petulant child

Trump acts like petulant child


On Nov. 5 the president gave an “address” in the White House. Really it was a nonsensical and paranoid tirade about how apparently if Trump loses the election it was all rigged against him, and if he wins, then everything is fine.

My question is, why isn’t every patriotic American horrified by this? Are Americans comfortable with the president sullying his office by acting like a petulant child, claiming that the game is only fair if he wins? Shouldn’t Americans be deeply concerned about the efficacy of one of our most important rights being denounced by the chief executive of the nation?

Is this the level that politics has descended to in this country? As long as “your side” wins nothing else matters? What about upholding constitutional principles and the rule of law? What about commitment to protecting American lives during a pandemic that already has killed hundreds of thousands?

How patriotic of an American can you be if you would sit quietly, or support, the undermining of everything that this country supposedly stands for? Isn’t it our duty as citizens to protect one another’s rights and ensure that our government represents and protects all Americans, not just the “correct ones?”

If you truly support the values that Americans have been espousing for centuries, then you should loudly and repeatedly denounce the president for attacking the elections, simply because he is afraid of losing.

This rule applies to everyone. Anyone, regardless of their politics, who would undermine our institutions is dangerous. Our ultimate loyalty as Americans is not to an individual politician, but to the rights and responsibilities contained in the Constitution.

If we don’t collectively stand up to this insult, then we all are culpable.

Jordan Neben, Kearney

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