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Thank you, election workers

Thank you, election workers


Anyone who believes conducting the 2020 general election was a stroll through the roses should think again. From the confines of polling places in small-town community halls and school gyms here in Buffalo County to the enormous vote counting operations in our nation’s largest cities, the 2020 election was a massive and demanding undertaking, and it all occurred beneath the glare of intense public scrutiny.

Considering all that election officials went through to prepare and complete the 2020 election, we Americans owe them a big thank you.

What the officials accomplished is downright impressive, and they should be hearing our praises. However, politicians and broadcasters seeking to undermine and overturn the result of the election are condemning and criticizing the efforts of election professionals who did all of the work. These allegations — most of them baseless — are an insult to the democratic ideals under which election officials function. Claims that the election was “rigged” or that its results are false are a slap in the face of the hundreds of thousands of poll workers who labored so hard to yield a result that’s accurate and fair.

If we tuned into the Election Day coverage we could see poll workers and precinct officials busy doing their work. In fact, we could watch them working for several days because the 2020 vote was unlike any in our history. It was organized so everyone who was registered could participate, even in the midst of the pandemic.

Imagine if you had been one of the poll workers who risked exposure so that you could work in polling places that were swamped with voters and Election Day crowds, and then after you faithfully completed your tasks, your efforts were criticized and maligned.

Despite the false claims of self-serving politicians, the efforts of election workers and officials are heroic. With Republicans and Democrats working together, the emphasis of these modern patriots was on fairness and accuracy.

None of the people who worked so hard to conduct the election ever had to work through a pandemic. Scores of adjustments were necessary so polling places were large enough to space out poll workers and voters. Many of them were relatively new at their jobs because older, experienced poll workers were at higher risk of infection and decided to sit out the 2020 vote.

It’s easy to see that so many aspects of the election were more difficult than a normal election.

Election workers have earned their nation’s gratitude. They counted every vote. They also deserve an apology from the politicians and talking heads who characterize them as partisan cheaters.

Thank you, election workers, for your hard work and patriotism.

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