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Smith backed Trump agenda of lies

Smith backed Trump agenda of lies


To Rep. Adrian Smith, you were seen on Kearney TV saying we cannot have this president give up the office, as we will lose all of the good works we have done the past four years. Flash bulletin: The election says you already lost in the Electoral College and in the popular vote.

As for all of the good works that you did, you took money from the Pentagon, our defense program, to build a wall in the desert. You sold land from several national parks to be commercially used, even though it was to be protected from commercial exploitation in the beginning.

You showed us that you do not have to comply with a subpoena. Lying to Congress and the FBI is acceptable and there are no consequences.

You have been personally involved in dividing this great country and the Republican Party with hatred, lies and prejudice.

So how does it feel to have your name and photo of your face forever seen supporting the scum who invaded your place of work?

This is the nation’s Capitol that stands for the democracy you were elected to protect.

Can you see how the lies of a cult leader excite the domestic terrorism we witnessed at our Capitol on Jan. 6?

I am ashamed to have the label Republican by my name on my voter’s card.

Bonnie Hall, Kearney

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