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No waiting if drivers visit DMV virtually

No waiting if drivers visit DMV virtually

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A rose to ... the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. For generations, the DMV has been lampooned as the place that dooms motorists to wait for hours in long lines to renew driver’s licenses or relicense their vehicles. Well, the days of waiting are behind us. DMV last week posted an announcement encouraging Nebraskans to try the department’s online services. They have been available for several years, but not every Nebraskan may be aware of them.

According to the announcement, many common services, such as driver’s license renewals and license plate renewals, can be accomplished online without going to a DMV office. There also are dozens of other online services, including online fleet renewal services, driving record purchases, vehicle tax estimators, specialty license plates, and address changes.

Important to remember in this era of the pandemic, using online services allows customers who reside in communities with busier DMV offices to avoid other customers. Why risk COVID contaminations when you can just conduct your DMV business at home, online and at all hours?

DMV said online services allow rural Nebraskans to do what they need without having to travel or plan for the specific time and day when their local office is open.

Rhonda Lahm, director of the Nebraska DMV, has been a strong advocate for online services, and many other state offices and services have followed Lahm’s lead.

“The Nebraska DMV offers a wide array of online services for people all across Nebraska,” she said. “Customers in Nebraska are able to do their DMV business in a convenient and timely way.”

You can find a list of the Nebraska DMV’s online services at

A raspberry to ... people who knowingly spread false and unsubstantiated information about the coronavirus. The misinformation campaign has contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States and around the world. Sadly, many of the COVID fatalities have resulted because victims either convinced themselves that they would never contract the virus or because some stone-hearted person tricked them into believing the virus is a hoax.

Well, no, the virus is real and it can spread easily among people who aren’t careful or make no effort to protect themselves.

Along with the people spreading misinformation, we have a raspberry for the heartless goons making a profit from the global tragedy. COVID test kits are in short supply, but some people who have been able to obtain the kits now are selling them for exorbitant prices.


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