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Virus threat a false dilemma

Virus threat a false dilemma


I just wanted to write in response to the “We Care, We Wear” billboard sponsored by UNK and the “Be Kind, Wear a Mask” sign that’s been floating around town and note that there actually are four possibilities within this discussion point as opposed to two:

A) Unkind/uncaring people who wear masks;

B) Kind/caring people who wear masks;

C) Unkind/uncaring people who don’t wear masks; and,

D) Kind/caring people who don’t wear masks.

There’s an undertone to these messages (whether intended or not) that if one doesn’t mask up, they must not “care,” and I would assume that what is implied when the word “care” is used, is caring about the value and lives of others. But that also would assume that there is an actual health crisis on our hands, which many respectable and, dare I even say, caring people and professionals within our own health community here in Kearney and nationwide dispute or wholeheartedly disagree with.

I find these pro-masking signs in Kearney to be very distasteful and virtue-signaling at best — “You guys, ‘WE’ are on the right team.” — to downright manipulative toward all who choose not to believe in the masking rhetoric.

I’ve seen examples of all four of the options listed above here in Kearney, and I’m going to go out on a risky limb here and say that a person’s character and care for the value of human life is not determined and settled by a piece of cloth on their face.

And since we are on the topic of the value of human life, if you think that wearing a mask in public should not be an individual choice, but you also think that the practice of murdering innocent, tiny humans in the womb should be a choice for individuals to make, then I would seriously question your ability to reason through issues like masking while using consistent principles.

I also would question your ability to make truly caring and kind decisions for my health or the health and well-being of others.

So UNK, are you trying to indicate your principled consistency in the care for all human life here in Kearney and everywhere when you proudly preen your “caring” message about masking, or are you just trying to make those of us who disagree with you here in Kearney feel guilty? I for one, will cheerfully ignore it as I drive by and enjoy the breeze on my bare face.

A kind, caring and un-masked citizen (or “Option D,” for short).

Whitney Rivera, Kearney

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