I was appalled to hear about families seeking refuge at our southern border being separated from their children. Surely we could do better. Then I heard and saw pictures of how poorly we are housing and caring for them, especially the children.

Why aren’t we doing better?

We spend a lot of money for their care. Surely our senators and representatives will investigate, see the conditions and rectify the situation.

Then I learned many of these facilities are private companies, which won’t give our officials access. This is wrong. Now children and adults are dying in our care. I am ashamed how we are treating people who’ve endured death threats and injury to the point their only chance for survival is to flee their homeland. The U.S. holds itself as a beacon of freedom and safety.

So they come to the U.S. Yet, now, if they survive to reach our border, and legally ask for asylum, they are arrested and incarcerated, sometimes for years.

My letters to my senators and representative don’t seem to be having an effect. It’s time for more action. We, who are dedicated to human rights, and the fundamental principle behind democracy, that all human beings have a right to have life, liberty and dignity, are participating in the national Lights for Liberty Vigil.

Join us Friday from 7-9 p.m. at the Hall County Department of Detention at 110 Public Safety Road in Grand Island. Let’s do better.

Lynn Zeleski, Hastings