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I care about neighbors, not masks

I care about neighbors, not masks


Folks let’s be serious. This isn’t the first serious illness to hit the U.S. nor will it be the last. The Kearney City Council putting this mandate into place until February 2021 shows that the only science they follow is what they dreamed up while highly intoxicated. And the police chief is going to allocate resources to enforce this takes away from actually enforcing laws.

A mandate is not a law. It is not as if Kearney is a safe haven from serious criminal activity. Then the city attorney will have to allocate their resources as the courts will back up with intelligent people challenging this “mandate.”

I come once a month to shop in Kearney, and if a business wants me to wear a mask, then I wear it if I want to shop. But telling me I have to wear a mask while traveling about Kearney just tells me I can shop in another community. I might not get the variety or values, but I will walk around making my own decisions and exercising my personal freedoms; and please spare me about caring about my neighbors. I do care about my neighbors and their freedoms.

You can hide from the virus all you want, but it will never go away. Viruses just don’t disappear from existence. The only reason we are not all dying from the countless viruses out there is because our immune systems adapt as we are exposed. Eventually you will have to go outside and Mr. Virus will be waiting or perhaps it will pack its bags by February 2021. What a joke!

James Foley, Arapahoe

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