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CRT a ‘bogeyman’ fabrication

CRT a ‘bogeyman’ fabrication

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Critical race theory, otherwise known as CRT, is attacking our schools, but not in the way parts of the media or groups like Protect Nebraska Children would have you believe. These groups are becoming a lot more outspoken in local and state school board elections and meetings. From what I have seen, these groups are more interested in manufacturing outrage than solving real problems, and there are real problems that are being ignored.

But today, I need to address one of their favorite bogeymen: critical race theory.

CRT has been around since the 1970s but is something most of us had never heard of until a few months ago. However, it has supposedly overtaken our schools and is a threat to America and our very way of life. You’d think at least a few school board members, administrators or teachers would have raised the alarm about it before now? Nope. Apparently, this CRT stuff is conveniently stealthy.

The real reason you’ve probably never heard of CRT is because it is a framework of legal analysis that examines the intersection of race and law in the United States. In other words, CRT looks to identify how laws have affected people of color differently. It’s an academic theory taught to graduate students and legal scholars. It is not being taught to middle school or high school students. But “don’t mind that,” these groups say, “we would rather describe everything we don’t like as ‘critical race theory’ than worry about silly definitions — after all, it sounds a lot scarier.”

And boy is CRT scary. It’s the worst of the worst. When I first heard about it, I was told that it teaches white students to be “ashamed of being white.” It also teaches kids to hate America and become communists. You know, all the terribly wicked things that threaten America. And, even though all these characterizations of CRT are complete nonsense, some people are buying it.

Until someone can show reliable evidence of CRT being taught to students in Kearney, and the problems it is causing, our community should reject this racially charged and partisan debate, and instead focus on issues that are affecting the lives of our students and teachers. I am referring to issues like attracting and retaining quality staff in our schools, preparing students for a rapidly changing world, and providing the best education we can to our community’s young minds.

Nathan Leach, Kearney


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