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Chickens beat barking dogs

Chickens beat barking dogs


A few months ago someone asked about chickens in Kearney. I think it would be nice to have up to four chickens in your backyard. Would it be productive? Probably not, but it would be nice for those among us who are retired. We’re stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The debate a few months ago was about noise and odor.

There are more dogs in Kearney that bark, bark, bark day and night. They bark at Tom, Dick and Harry on their daily walk. They bark at Jim, Dave and Dean visiting you. They bark at Sharon, Jane and Peggy. Then they bark at Billy, Bobby and Susie riding their bicycles down the street. There’s Patty, Carmen and Marlys, who walk their children to school — more barking.

I don’t know many chickens that make that much noise all day long.

As to the odor, it can’t compare to the inconsiderate action of the people who walk their dogs and leave their duty to be hit by your lawn mower. Phew!

Oh, yes, I do love dogs, just not their bark, bark, bark.

Noise and odor — I think I would like to have a few chickens.

I’m just living in the neighborhood.

Joe Limbach, Kearney

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