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Careful with the ‘Christian’ label

Careful with the ‘Christian’ label


I want to thank Hub staff writers Mary Jane Skala and Lori Potter for their courageous columns calling out those responsible for the attacks on our U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. I know they will receive angry and perhaps hateful responses and they knew they would. That makes their courage and commitment to truth even more admirable.

There are a lot of things to be said about the devastation of Jan. 6. Amid the horror of witnessing that assault on our democracy by Americans was the image of signs that said “Jesus my Savior/Trump 2020” and “I trust in God,” among others. I will never ever understand how anyone can equate Trump with Jesus.

He doesn’t go to church, he knows nothing about Jesus, he is a self-proclaimed assaulter of women, a serial husband, a known adulterer, he has no regard for the poor and the “least of these” and continually commits cruel and unjust acts against them.

He is no friend to the stranger that Jesus tells us to welcome. He holds up a Bible for a photo op but doesn’t even pretend to have read any of it. Just because he claims to be “pro-life,” apparently some Christians have consecrated him as The Chosen One. That alone motivates them to completely ignore his cruel, selfish policies and total disregard for children, education, the dignity of women and anyone not white or privileged.

He refuses to denounce white supremacists and violent groups, simply telling them to “stand by.” He doesn’t care about America, and he showed that by inciting the mob to descend on the Capitol while he hid in the White House.

I am a lifelong Christian and lover of God. I seek to follow Jesus’ teachings, as difficult as they are. I am sick and tired of seeing Christians insist that Trump is chosen by God, or has anything to do with the Christian faith. If anything, he has unmasked the hypocrisy of many Christians who are hungry for power, who are blatantly racist and selfish, and pretend to follow the Christ who said, “When you do it to the least of these you do it to me,” and whose greatest commandment is to love God, neighbor and yourself. To do justice, love mercy and love kindness.

That is the antithesis of what Trump has represented these last four years, and on the day of Epiphany in the Christian church year, the day that we remember that God is our ultimate authority, Trump called for his mobs to declare him ruler of all and desecrate the symbols of what our forefathers fought for and died for. If you follow this man and condone what he did, please stop using God and Jesus’ name to do it. It’s an insult.

Thank you, Mary Jane and Lori, for standing up and calling a spade a spade.

Peggy Michael-Rush, Gibbon

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