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Billions for Neb., GOP voted ‘no’

Billions for Neb., GOP voted ‘no’

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Recently, the Kearney Hub published two headline articles about the specifics and the effects of our federal government spending on Nebraska’s economy. The articles were Nov. 8, “PPP gave state economy critical $5 billion boost,” and Nov. 10, “Passed infrastructure bill includes $2.5 billion for Nebraska roads.”

The second bill was passed by Congress in a bipartisan basis (13 Republicans voted “yes”) with the Nebraska delegation voting “no,” with the sole exception of Rep. Don Bacon from Omaha.

Our governor has consistently spewed his partisan hate toward the Biden Administration and directed his attorney general to sue the federal government on many of its programs. The infrastructure bill specifically gives Nebraska $2.5 billion to “maintain and repair roads and highways, a total of $27.5 billion for repairs of bridges and $15 billion to fund improvements at U.S. airports.”

“Earlier this year, Nebraska received more than $12 million from the program, according to Sen. Deb Fischer’s office.” These figures were “shared” with Fischer’s office in August even though our delegation voted “no.” The Paycheck Protection Program funds allocated during 2020 and 2021 to Nebraska is “equal to about 5% of Nebraskans’ personal income for 2019 and more than schools and local governments in Nebraska collect in property taxes each year.

If you are interested, check out the local businesses that received the vast majority of Nebraska’s PPP, as printed in the Hub on Nov. 8 on page 6A.

Now tell me, looking straight in my eyes, that Nebraska’s federal elected Republican delegation voted for country and not for party. What hypocrisy, and believe me, they will be the first in line for photo ops with their sparkling clean shovels in hand at the groundbreaking ceremonies. Time for a change, folks.

Steven Bennett, Kearney


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