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    Progressive Democrats are demanding a ban on all U.S. oil exports, claiming it will drive down the price of gas at the pump. Nationalist Republicans are attacking the Biden administration for selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on the open market, allowing millions of barrels to…

    His name is unknown to most, but few have done more for higher education than the late Claiborne Pell, a six-term senator from Rhode Island. It was Pell who sponsored a 1972 bill that reformed the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant, which provides financial aid to American college students.…

    The hallmark of a safe boater is knowing how to practice restraint. If weather and water conditions threaten the safety of his crew, the safe boater knows better than to venture out. As the saying goes, there are old sailors and bold sailors, but no old, bold sailors.

    It’s a well-known saying — strike while the iron is hot — but that good advice has been mostly ignored by our elected representatives in Congress. If those lawmakers had struck boldly and decisively, they would have produced meaningful gun safety legislation. However, it has been 29 years si…

    Gun owners have vigorously defended their Second Amendment right to own guns, and we can’t blame them. The constitutional protection for gun owners is under constant assault because most Americans are emotionally and spiritually exhausted by our nation’s plague of violence and our inability …

    How should I describe this? Try to imagine, if you can, the way it might feel to wake up one morning and realize that, during the night while you slept curled up in your bed, you somehow got hit by an 18-wheeler pulling a double-wide mobile home.


    As a life-long Democrat, I commend Republican state Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon on his personal mission to help the people of Ukraine, while informing the people of America. He is executing this selfless mission at risk to life and limb and his own 63-year-old comfort.

    No body epitomizes professing one thing while quietly supporting the exact opposite like the Republican Party. Their pro-life platform includes the death penalty, unlimited gun ownership and unregulated environmental devastation.

    A famous English author, Djuna Barnes, once wrote, “It’s terrible to outlive your own generation.”

    I want to thank all my zealous Christian friends and family members who helped get this country back on the straight and narrow. There is more work to do, yet America has recently taken the steps back we needed to establish this Republic as God intended.

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