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Schroeder family opens new eatery in Shelton

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SHELTON — Irma Schroeder is famous in Shelton for her potato salad.

Irma has catered the beloved dish around the community for years, but now anyone can get their hands on the potato salad and much more at Shelton’s new restaurant, Get Sauced BBQ and Catering.

Just like his mother, Marlin Schroeder has a knack for cooking. He had his own cafe in Shelton for many years, and he is well known for smoking and grilling meat. He is the official caterer for HuskerMax tailgates. He even makes the appliances he cooks on — smokers and grills — at the family’s machine shop, Schroeder’s Machine Shop.

Get Sauced Justin and Becca family

Get Sauced BBQ and Catering is a family affair for Justin Schroeder, left, and Becca Mclaud, second from left. The couple often have their entire family at the business, including Briggs, four months; Baylea Brooks, 15; and Lena Mclaud, 4.

Marlin had an itch to get back into the restaurant business, and he brought his idea to his son Justin’s fiancee, Becca Mclaud.

“Marlin said, ‘I would really like to get back into food. Would you run the place for me?’ And we kind of sat down that weekend and figured out some recipes and here we are,” Becca said.

Becca has spent much of her adult life working with people, from waiting tables in college to working as a social worker for seven years and then as a human resources supervisor at JCPenney. When Marlin approached her with the idea to start a barbecue restaurant, she was excited for the whole family to be part of the business.

“Marlin and I are both big dreamers and big thinkers. We come up with ideas with us both being in the kitchen at the same time,” Becca said.

The family decided to turn a portion of Schroeder’s Machine Shop near downtown Shelton into the restaurant. They remodeled the space by adding a kitchen, and Becca and her oldest daughter, Baylea Brooks, 15, painted and decorated. Justin had experience working in a print shop, so he designed the business’s logo and menus.

Get Sauced kickin' corn salad

Kickin’ corn salad is a new favorite at Get Sauced BBQ and Catering in Shelton. The dish can be served as a dip, a taco topping or as a side.

At Get Sauced, customers can choose their choice of meat to be served as part of a sandwich, a loaded baked potato or smothered nachos. There are daily specials, such as barbecue tacos, burgers or kickin’ corn salad. They also offer a hero discount for military personnel and first responders.

Everyone has their hand in creating different items on the menu. Marlin cooks and smokes the meat. Irma makes the potato salad, baked beans and nacho cheese. Becca makes the cheesy potatoes and bakes desserts, and Justin creates the homemade barbecue sauces. They also collaborate to create different items, such as slawsa, a combination of salsa and coleslaw that can be used as a topping for any of the meats or as a dip.

Get Sauced opened their doors July 20, and they have had a welcoming reception from the community and beyond. They have received several orders from the school and have had requests from customers to be open an extra day during the week. They are currently open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, and they hope to extend into another day during the week once they hire more employees.

Get Sauced logo

Justin Schroeder designed the logo for his family’s restaurant, Get Sauced BBQ and Catering, in Shelton. The Schroeder family has worked together to make the restaurant dream a reality.

The restaurant currently has outdoor seating, and their goal is to have indoor seating before the snow flies, Becca said. They would eventually like to open a second location in Kearney.

The kitchen has always been the center of the home for Becca and Justin, and working in the Get Sauced kitchen has allowed the family to grow even closer.

“I didn’t know Marlin that well until we started doing these evenings where it’s just him and I in the kitchen. We get to bounce ideas off of each other, and I know he has really enjoyed that. He’s told me that several times that before when he’s had a restaurant, he was just at the helm, and everything was on him to come up with ideas and push new things, and he likes that I’m here to do those things with him,” Becca said.

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