KEARNEY — The Kearney Area Solid Waste Landfill is extending operational hours this weekend, according to an announcement from the city of Kearney.

The landfill will accept refuse 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. No other operating hours have been changed. Refuse caused by the recent flooding will be accepted free of charge. Customers are reminded to securely fasten their loads and to expect delays in unloading because of the volume of refuse that is expected. Household hazardous waste should be disposed of at the Kearney Household Hazardous Waste drop off sites located at 3620 Box Butte Ave. or 1919 15th Ave.

Free residential curbside collection of flood-related refuse will begin July 12. Refuse should be place along the street on top of the curb and not in the street. The refuse should not include any household hazardous waste. These items can be disposed of at 3620 Box Butte Ave. or 1919 15th Ave. Refuse should be placed away from mailboxes and other landscaping that the property owner wishes to retain.

Parked vehicles should not impede collection. Collection areas will be serviced on a street-by-street basis, then by returning to the starting point and following the pattern again until all refuse has been collected.

Two areas have been designated as the areas in which to start this operation. These areas are:

1) Sixth Avenue east to Avenue M and from Archway Parkway (First Street) north to 14th Street

2) Avenue L east to Avenue Q and 25th Street north to 34th Street.

Other areas may be added if the need is warranted. Residents with flood-related damage but not within the specified areas can use the email address or call 233-3206 to have their address added to a list for collection.

The city asks that residents be patient if collectors miss your refuse on the first pass. City crews will be returning to recheck areas as required to help with the cleanup efforts. A roll-off box also will be available on the west side of Nina Hammer Park on Avenue K between 13th and 14th Streets.