KEARNEY — The City of Kearney Street Division announced Monday afternoon that in anticipation of the snow event, a snow emergency will be in effect from noon Tuesday until noon Wednesday.

No parking is allowed on emergency snow routes during the snow emergency. Violators will be towed and ticketed. Click here for a list of emergency snow routes.

After snow removal on emergency routes, crews may enter residential neighborhoods once conditions improve and emergency routes and thoroughfares are cleared. The city asks that residents keep vehicles off the streets if possible for the efficiency of the snow removal process.

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According to city code, snow removed from private property shall not be placed in or upon the public streets, alleys, sidewalks, or other public ways. Snow removed from private property must be kept and maintained on the property in a safe and sound condition. Vision clearance at intersections is important. Snow piled at corners of the property must not be more than two feet high.

The city also cautioned residents to be prepared for various road closures within the city due to blizzard conditions and use caution at intersections where traffic light heads could become covered from snow.