KEARNEY — The city of Kearney has issued a press release encouraging residents to properly dispose of fireworks debris following private and public Fourth of July celebrations.

It is recommended to let used fireworks sit for several minutes and use water to make sure they are completely extinguished. A metal bucket with sand or water can be used as a temporary trash can. Cooled fireworks can be placed in regular trash for disposal, according to the press release.

Kearney streets are not the dumping grounds for fireworks. City staff does not pick up firework debris.

Kearney’s streets collect rainwater and send it, through pipes, directly to receiving waters without being filtered. The metals, nitrates and sulfur that make fireworks burst and light up in the sky can easily pollute rivers, streams and lakes.

These ingredients are a recipe for disaster for fish and other creatures living in the water, according to the city, which concluded, “If you use fireworks, you need to use them safely and responsibly. This includes cleaning up afterward.”