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Property transfers - March 8-April 5, 2021

Property transfers - March 8-April 5, 2021

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The following real-estate transfers from March 8 to April 5 were compiled from deeds recorded at the Buffalo County Register of Deeds Office. Addresses and prices are public record and are provided when available from the register’s office. If prices were not available, the equivalent based on the Nebraska Documentary Tax paid on the full amount or the current market value is listed.

In the legal descriptions, S: is Section, T: is Township, and R: is Range. L: is Lot. B: is Block.

“TAV” is tax assessed on a value of.

“NDT” is no documentary tax.

Trenton Nielsen to Chad Nielsen and Travis Nielsen, 1613 Ave. G. TAV $25,000.01 to $26,000.

Brent and Andrea Upson, Cassandra Krontz and Bruce and Teresa Wimmer to Sharon Cordes, 2110 30th Ave., No. 2. TAV $144,000.01 to $145,000.

Roberta Wiles, Rex Wiles, Mark Gifford, John Gifford, Leila Gifford, Mary Gifford and Mickey Gifford to Blake Melroy, 920 Ave. B. TAV $143,000.01 to $144,000.

Keith and Sara Dubrow to Blake and Valerie Smith, 5208 Ave. S. TAV $434,000.01 to $435,000.

Beth Otto, trustee of the LeRoy Corrigan Trust, to GAL 51 LLC, 1016 E. 25th St. TAV $191,000.01 to $192,000.

Beth Otto, trustee of the Roberta Corrigan Administration Trust, to GAL 51 LLC, 1016 E. 25th St. TAV $191,000.01 to $192,000.

Highway 10 Development LLC to Scott Phillips, trustee, and Lisa Phillips, trustee, 2 Prairie Hills Road, Pleasanton. TAV $44,000.01 to $45,000.

Jeffrey Griesman to Seth Starkey, 1506 13th Ave. TAV $227,000.01 to $228,000.

Twin Falls LLC to Daniel Keyser and Jackie Keyser, 3707 25th Ave. Place. TAV $395,000.01 to $396,000.

Erica Kremer to Aaron Kremer, 1810 Seventh Ave. NDT

Michael Main and Judy Main to Children’s Behavioral Health Services Inc., 2903 W. 24th St. TAV $410,000.01 to $411,000.

Michael Snyder and Kristi Hilliard to Jesse Smith, 323 W. 29th St. TAV $159,000.01 to $160,000.

Joseph and Pamela Carlson to Elias and Maha Younes, 3111 Country Club Lane. TAV $349,000.01 to $350,000.

Scott and Jean Anderson to Jamie and Diane Carlson, 1608 E. 46th St. Place. TAV $54,000.01 to $55,000.

A&E Investments LLC to Anthony and Erin Finke, 1020 W. 22nd St. NDT

Graten Beavers to Michael Rice and Michelle Rice, 4751 Ave. G. TAV $289,000.01 to $290,000.

Thomas and Amy May and Pepper May to Emely Diaz and Erick Tinajero Ventura, 4503 Ave. E. TAV $223,000.01 to $224,000.

James and Mary Pernicek to James and Jennifer Joppa, 210 Pavia Ave., Ravenna, $3,500.

Richard Williams and Beverly Williams to Mark Williams and Karen Knisley, 4100 145th Road, Elm Creek. NDT

Katherine and David Cleveland to Cynthia Fallesen, 521 W. 28th St. TAV $229,000.01 to $230,000.

Sherryl Wilke and Lloyd Wilke to Travis Tyndall and Glenna Tyndall, 175 Snowy Ridge Road, Gibbon. TAV $429,000.01 to $430,000.

Blessing Premier Property LLC to Midwest Elite Contracting LLC, part of S: 5, T: 8, R: 15. TAV $199,000.01 to $200,000.

Mary Johnson to Matthew Schulte, 21230 Hawk Road, Pleasanton. TAV $279,000.01 to $280,000.

Kirby and Denise Myers to Randell and Michele Gleason, part of S: 10 and 11, T: 12, R: 13. TAV $73,000.01 to $74,000.

Randell and Michele Gleason to Kirby and Denise Myers, part of S: 11, T: 12, R: 13. TAV $79,000.01 to $80,000

Kenneth Marisch to Maureen Marisch, 6715 58th Ave. NDT

Cruise Farms to Shane Albers and Amanda Albers, part of S: 4, T: 11, R: 15. TAV $26,000.01 to $27,000.

Carmie Geiser and Rocky Geiser to Torsten Homberger and Madelina Homberger Cordia, 303 W. 33rd St. TAV $238,000.01 to $239,000.

Joseph Aquilano to Joseph Aquilano and Julie Robertson, 718 W. 25th St. TAV $99,000.01 to $100,000.

Joseph Aquilano and Julie Robertson to Joseph Aquilano, trustee of the Nolascoe Protective Revocable Trust, 2714 Seventh Ave. NDT

Shaun Clark to Laura Clark, 713 Lincoln Ave., Shelton. NDT

Christine and Eric Akeson to Tracy Hilker and Roxanne Jochum, 6707 Ave. L. TAV $358,000.01 to $359,000.

Rembert Investment LLC to Samuel and Vickie Walker, 212 Woodland Drive, Gibbon. TAV $189,000.01 to $190,000.

Mark Kottmeyer and Anna Kottmeyer to Anna Kottmeyer, part of S: 11, T: 9, R: 16. NDT

Norman Hand to Bob Hand and Jon Hand, co-trustees of the Norman Hand Revocable Trust, 106 S. Pine St., Pleasanton. NDT

Bradley Olson to Stacey Moon, 3519 Ave. D. TAV $206,000.01 to $207,000.

Juan and Norma Chihuahua to Norma Chihuahua, 212 Second St., Gibbon. NDT

Juan and Norma Chihuahua and Hugo Lazalde Miranda and Diana Lazalde to Chihuahua & Lazalde LLC, 212 Second St., Gibbon. NDT

Bob Hand and Jon Hand, co-trustees of the June Hand Administration Trust, to Norman Hand, 106 S. Pine St., Pleasanton. NDT

U.S. Bank Trust, trustee of the LSF8 Master Participation Trust, to Green Brick LLC, 45670 70th Road, Gibbon. TAV $124,000.01 to $125,000.

Lee Nell Phillips, trustee of the Lee Nell Phillips Revocable Trust and the Phillips Family Trust, to B&G Investments LLC, L: 3, 5 and 7, Golfside Estates. TAV $44,000.01 to $45,000.

Lee Nell Phillips, trustee of the Lee Nell Phillips Revocable Trust and the Phillips Family Trust, to B&G Investments LLC, L: 4 and 6, Golfside Estates. TAV $29,000.01 to $30,000.

Duane Hagan, personal representative of the Norman Richardson Estate, to Tim Schroeder, 7660 Arrow Road, Elm Creek. TAV $149,000.01 to $150,000.

Pamela Artman to Pamela Artman, trustee of the PJA Revocable Trust, 19 Skyline Drive. NDT

Gualberto and Cynthia Alvarado to Michael and Marquette Bontz, 2003 12th Ave. TAV $241,000.01 to $242,000.

Highway 10 Development LLC to Nathan Lightle and Jeanne Lightle, L: 5, B: 2, The Greens at Prairie Hills First. TAV $49,000.01 to $50,000.

Michaela Stoltenberg and Tyler Stoltenberg to Juan Matias and Ada Regalado, 3302 Ave. C. TAV $194,000.01 to $195,000.

Chang Li to Chang Li and Yanqing Liang, 1702 First Ave. NDT

NP Land Development Inc. to NP Construction Inc., L: 12A, Eastbrooke Condominiums Second. TAV $56,000.01 to $57,000.

Starostka Group Unlimited Inc. to Daniel Spellman and Leigh Ann Spellman, 3510 Ave. V. TAV $309,000.01 to $310,000.

Arleta Engleman to Brian and Marla Cure, 310 Phelps St., Shelton, $62,500.

Scott and Corressa Benker to Dylan and Alexandra Kellner, 6895 Limousine Road, Gibbon. TAV $309,000.01 to $310,000.

Gene McElhinny and Deb McElhinny to T&J Investing LLC, 803-805 E. Eighth St. TAV $284,000.01 to $285,000.

David Shiers and Carol Shiers to Ismael Escalante, L: 1, B: 2, Shiers Estates Third. TAV $18,000.01 to $19,000.

Ruthe Gourley and Frank Gourley to Jeffrey Westberg and Patricia Westberg, 2345 Shelton Road, Shelton. TAV $163,000.01 to $164,000.

Jonathon Wright to Zachary West and Michaela West, 520 Sicily Ave., Ravenna. TAV $132,000.01 to $133,000.

James and Jacqueline Nore to James Nore, Jacqueline Nore, Jeremy Nore and Joshua Nore, 2308 W. 42nd St. NDT

James Green, trustee of the James Green Living Trust, and James Green and David Sattler, trustees of the Johnita Green Living Trust, to Patrick Foulk and Michelle Fattig, 18175 W. 35th Road Place. L: 2, B: 1, Green Valley Ranch. TAV $418,000.01 to $419,000.

Steven and Judi Martin to Joshua and Colleen Martin, 5320 85th Road, Elm Creek. NDT

NP Construction Inc. to Lloyd and Sherryl Wilke, 5610 Eastbrooke Drive No. 5. TAV $314,000.01 to $315,000.

Safe Harbour Eat-XXXIII LLC to James Stevenson and Jason Stevenson, 48970 375th Road, Ravenna. NDT

Juan and Balbina Rodriguez to City of Gibbon, 108 Labarre St., Gibbon. NDT

M3A Motel LLC to Level 5 LLC, 104 Talmadge St. NDT

Beth Otto, trustee of the LeRoy Corrigan Trust and the Roberta Corrigan Administration Trust, to The Denim Bar LLC, 2218 Central Ave. TAV $309,000.01 to $310,000.

Alvin Edwards, co-trustee of the Alvin Edwards and Carma Edwards Revocable Trust, to James Vimont and Twyla Vimont, 4303 Seventh Ave. TAV $318,000.01 to $319,000.

Norman and Linda Vinderslev to Adam Prochaska, 1721 Fourth Ave. TAV $159,000.01 to $160,000.

Josh and Kasha Johnson to Joel and Kimberly Atchison, 5455 W. 62nd St. TAV $549,000.01 to $550,000.

Robert Morris and Renae Gearhart to Robert Morris, trustee, 1705 17th Ave. and L: 10, B: 6, and B: 6, Outlot A, Fountain Hills Fifth Addition. NDT

Rossen Rentals LLC to Dustin and Melissa Ranglack, 621 W. 23rd St. TAV $264,000.01 to $265,000.

Kevin Turek to Buddy Thompson and Lori Glinsmann, 31780 Poole Road, Ravenna. TAV $12,000.01 to $13,000.

James Stevenson and Jason Stevenson to James Roussel and Rebecca Gregg, 48970 375th Road, Ravenna. TAV $335,000.01 to $336,000.

A&H Ag Spraying LLP to Jeffrey Albers and Kayla Albers, L: 1, A&H Ag Acres. TAV $259,000.01 to $260,000.

Elias and Maha Younes to Gregory Lavitt and Debra Lavitt, trustees of the Paradise Trust, 3307 Country Club Lane. TAV $719,000.01 to $720,000.

Bradley Zinnel and Sheri Zinnel to Braden Zinnel, 223 E. 30th St. TAV $114,000.01 to $115,000.

Abigail Kurtzhals to Dustin and Kirby Knuth, 12935 Stagecoach Lane. TAV $578,000.01 to $579,000.

Gene and Deb McElhinny LLC to F&A Investments LLC, 601 Central Ave. TAV $824,000.01 to $825,000.

James Joseph Signature Homes LLC to Joseph Broekemeier and Alexandra Broekemeier, L: 3, Hawthorne Heights. TAV $91,000.01 to $92,000.

TFD Investments LLC to Thomas and Susan Kelly, 1310 Macy Lane. TAV $239,000.01 to $240,000.

Dwight Bishop and Tricia Bishop to Luke Schroeder and Jessica Schroeder, 3718 Ave. D. TAV $213,000.01 to $214,000.

Debra Atkinson to Julio Solis and Sarah Solis, 1311 12th Ave. TAV $178,000.01 to $179,000.

Gregory Brodine and Linda Brodine, trustees of the Greg and Linda Brodine Family Trust, to Armando Hernandez Perez, 312 Center St., Gibbon. TAV $123,000.01 to $124,000.

Douglas Smith, successor trustee of the Marcia Smith Trust, to John Arnold and Kathleen Arnold, 110 E. 39th St., Unit F-1. TAV $135,000.01 to $136,000.

Ronald and Courtney Follmer to Phil Baldwin, L: 1, Baldwin Acres. TAV $24,000.01 to $25,000.

James Berglund and Marlene Berglund to Printz Properties LLC, 2206 Central Ave. TAV $387,000.01 to $388,000.

Dustin and Kirby Knuth to Nicholas Boness, 5505 Ave. S. TAV $364,000.01 to $365,000.

Marissa and Jason Davala to Hayden and Hailey Gibson, 8 Maplewood Place. TAV $239,000.01 to $240,000.

MJS Development LLC to Jason Potter and Riley Potter, L: 1-7, B: 2, Antelope Park Estates. TAV $209,000.01 to $210,000.

Jacob Williams and Kyleigh Williams to Khushi Patel and Aaron Steichen, 2205 Ave. D. TAV $126,000.01 to $127,000.

Paul Brungardt Jr. and Paula Brungardt to Brian Vinton and Amy Vinton, 5805 Ave. I. TAV $429,000.01 to $430,000.

Marlene Petzold to Kelly and Robin Florell, 130 S. Tyler St., Elm Creek. TAV $14,000.01 to $15,000.

Leland Skeen and Darla Skeen to Tyler Rodriguez, 2807 Ave. L. TAV $154,000.01 to $155,000.

Dylan Foster and Shayla Foster to Alfredo Castro Samano and Yolanda Lopez Garcia, 414 E. Fifth St., Shelton. TAV $37,000.01 to $38,000.

Jacob Putnam and Arran Putnam to Tylor Vose and Jaime Vose, 6180 Yellow Rose Lane. TAV $354,000.01 to $355,000.

Donald Hervert and Pamela Hervert to Eldorado Group LLC, 302 Grand Ave., Ravenna, $40,000.

James Crosby, Gina Newbold-Crosby and Jamie Crosby to Iron Horse Enterprises LLC, 305 W. 30th St. NDT

Carl Sterner and Gwendland Sterner to Timothy Johnson and Valerie Billing, 3207 11th Ave. TAV $274,000.01 to $275,000.

PIE Management LLC to 1711 W. 37th LLC, 1711 W. 37th St. TAV $274,000.01 to $275,000.

Brian and Amy Vinton to Justin and Jayme Weber, 10 Camelot Way. TAV $369,000.01 to $370,000.

Laberta Olson to Dillon Olson, 10 S. Highway 10, Gibbon. TAV $155,000.01 to $156,000.

Turkey Creek Properties LLC to Robert Ness and Shelley Ness, L: 7, B: 1, Turkey Creek Second Subdivision. TAV $69,000.01 to $70,000.

Trieu Van Bui and Cam Hoa Thi Nguyen to Kayla Meyer and Troy Lusk, 911 Ave. F. TAV $229,000.01 to $230,000.

Ken Mehlin and Cindy Mehlin to Jared Heil, 522 W. 27th St. TAV $196,000.01 to $197,000.

Roxanne Jochum to Lucas and Kassidi Elsbernd, 70 La Platte Road. TAV $232,000.01 to $233,000.

Jeffrey and Terri Barenklau to Jason Owens and Amanda Amend, 1017 E. 69th St. TAV $374,000.01 to $375,000.

Justin and Jayme Weber to Jordan Smith, 3003 Ninth Ave. TAV $199,000.01 to $200,000.

Douglas McAuliff and Glenice McAuliff to Brock Miller and Bridget Haahr, 914 Alba Ave., Ravenna. TAV $249,000.01 to $250,000.

Scotty’s Properties LLC to William Shaffer and Sharon Shaffer, 311 W. 32nd St. TAV $44,000.01 to $45,000.

TS Development LLC to Jeff Eurek and Carrie Eurek, 6210 37th Ave. Place. TAV $1,000.01 to $2,000.

Jeff Eurek and Carrie Eurek to TS Development LLC, L: 20 and 21, B: 1, The Arbor Hills. TAV $1,000.01 to $2,000.

Starostka Group Unlimited Inc. to Trieu Van Bui and Cam Hoa Thi Nguyen, 3508 Ave. V. TAV $309,000.01 to $310,000.

Blessing Premier Property LLC to Premier Merchants Group LLC, L: 2, Blessing Premier Subdivision. TAV $79,000.01 to $80,000.

Marion McDermott to Justin Parker, 512 W. 22nd St. TAV $154,000.01 to $155,000.

Chad Hill to April Hill, 4702 Linden Drive. NDT

Jan McKillip and Peggy McKillip to Jan McKillip, 302 E. 23rd St. NDT

Michele Collignon-Howe, trustee, to Steven Thiele, Erika Epley-Thiele and Eldon and Ruth Epley, 41 Lakeside Drive. TAV $539,000.01 to $540,000.

Arram Equities Inc. to RTS Business Holdings Inc., 1215 Second Ave. TAV $524,000.01 to $525,000.

Riley Mayfield, Jennifer Mayfield, Randall Mayfield, Shelley Mayfield and Richard Mayfield to Brandon Mayfield, L: 1, Mayfield Administrative Subdivision. TAV $57,000.01 to $58,000.


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