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Legal notices: September 18, 2020

Legal notices: September 18, 2020






The following is a list of exempt

property as allowed by the Buffalo

County Board of Equalization for

the year 2020



Buffalo Co Fair Assn 602096000;

Buffalo Co Agri Assn 600014000;

Buffalo Co Agri Assn 600009000;

Buffalo Co Agri Assn 602095000;


E U B Church-Amherst

420128100; Berean Fundamental

Church 580056005; Bethel United

Methodist Church-Gibbon

660068000; Bethlehem Lutheran

Church-Ravenna 040678000,

040694000; Christian Church-Miller

180114000; Christian Student Fel-

lowship 603166000; Church of

Christ of Kearney 601831000;

Church of God of Prophecy

600866000, 600866050; Church of

the Nazarene 605931000; Congre-

gational Church of Christ-Ravenna

040201000; Corp Presid Bishop

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

Day Saints 600117000; Country-

side Christian Church 604278000;

Diocese of Grand Island

602458000, 604537000,

604535000, 602459000; Evangeli-

cal Free Church - Pleasanton

120020101, 120140000; Evangeli-

cal Free Church of Kearney

606534500; Faith Baptist Church

604891000; Faith United Church -

Gibbon 640202000, 640370000,

640545000, 640292000; Faith

United Methodist - Kearney

600901000, 600894000; Family of

Christ Lutheran Church

601872008, 603110000; First Bap-

tist Church of Kearney 604242000;

First Christian Church - Elm Creek

480394000, 480333000; First

Church of God 600130300; First

Evangelical Lutheran Church


603892000; First Methodist Church

- Elm Creek 480332000; First

Presbyterian Church 606534747;

First United Methodist Church

602690000, 605229000,

605830685; Gibbon Baptist Church

640064000, 640459000; God's

Missionary Church formerly Im-

manuel Missionary Church-Rural

160142010; Good Shepherd Evan-

gelical Lutheran Church

602479010; Grace Fellowship Inc.

600130200; Grace Lutheran

Church - Pleasanton 100220000,

100222000; Haven's Chapel

Church-Rural 360148000; Holy

Cross Lutheran Church

603689000, 603696000; Hope

Evangelical Free Church - Ky

605299000; Iglesia Del Dios Vivo

Columna Y Apoyo De La Verdad La

Luz Del Mundo 601775000,

601681000; Iglesia Evangelica Pen-

tecostes Redencion Eterna-Gibbon

640002102; Immaculate Concep-

tion Church - Elm Creek

480050000, 480233000; Int'l

Church of the Four Square Gospel

604189000; Kansas-Nebr Associa-

tion of Seventh Day Adventists

604074000; Kearney Church of

Christ Bldg Corp 605400000,

605416000; Ky Congregation of Je-

hovahs Witnesses 604240044; Liv-

ing Faith Fellowship of Kearney

603873000; Methodist Church-R-

avenna 040121000, 040183100,

040421000; Miller United Method-

ist Church 180118000; Movimiento

Pena De Horeb, Inc De Puerto

Rico, Inc-Shelton 680073000; NE

Lutheran Campus Ministry Inc.

604534000; Nebraska District of

the Lutheran Church Missouri

Synod 603742000; New Life As-

sembly 580153200; Open Bible

Standard Church 580157205;

Open Door Fellowship-Gibbon

640115000; Our Lady of Lourdes

Catholic Church-Ravenna

040042000, 040151000,

040135000,040143000; Pleasanton

United Methodist Church

120216050, 120094000; Prince of

Peace Catholic Church

560330100, 602727000; Riverdale

Christian Church 540050000,; Sa-

cred Heart Church-Shelton

680197000; Shelton United Meth-

odist Church 680286000; St

George Orthodox Church

600968000, 600969000,

600973000, 600971000,

600972000; St James Church

602357000, 602501000,

604123000, 604140000,

604107100, 601284000,

601285000; St John Capistran

Church-Amherst 420084000; St

Lukes Episcopal Church

600237000; St Mary's Church-P-

leasanton 120030000, 120258000,

120005000; St Paul Evangelical Lu-

theran Church-Shelton 680365000;

Summit Church 606407001; The

Salvation Army 606175000; The

Western Conference of Evangelical

Wesleyan Church, Inc 600981100;

Trinity Evan Lutheran Church-A-

mherst 420076000, 420075000;

Trinity Presbyterian Church

602066800; United Campus Minis-

try At University of Nebraska at

Kearney Inc 604680000,

604681000; Zion Evangelical

Church 300166010; Zion Lutheran

Church - Kearney 605352000,



Ambry Association Corp

605427100; American Legion Post

351 Miller 180075000; American

National Red Cross 606534734;

Autumn Village, Inc 602487035;

Bethesda Foundation 606019500;

Buffalo Co Historical Society

603786157; CHI Good Samaritan

Hospital 605787000, 601995000,

602479007, 602479008,

602502000, 605043245,

605741000, 605779000,

605783000, 602479000,

601892000, 602478095; Christian

Heritage Children's Home

560006016; Christians for Christian

Education, Inc (Faith Christian

School) 560330025; CMO Inc

(Knights of Columbus) 600636010;

Community Action Partnership Of

Mid-NE 601211100, 605273000,

605082000; Corpus Christi Carmel-

ites 602980000; Crossroads Center

602486876, 602487510; Elm Creek

Community Club 480330000;

Evangelical Lutheran Good Sa-

maritan Society - Kearney

605043210, 604118000,

605332502; Evangelical Lutheran

Good Samaritan Society

040033000; Fraternal Order of Ea-

gles #2722 FOE Inc 610173010;

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

603763102; Goodwill Industries of

Greater NE 606534802; Great

Platte River Rd Memorial Founda-

tion 608002050, 608002051;

Greater Nebraska Independent

Housing Inc 602056000; Historical

Society of Ravenna 040337000;

Kearney Area Animal Shelter

603787020; Kearney Area Chil-

dren's Museum 603907200; Kear-

ney Area Habitat for Humanity

600675000; Kearney Community

Theater 603561000; Kearney Elks

Lodge #984 620356200; Kearney

Family Young Men's Christian Asso

606534670; Kearney Good Samari-

tan Housing Inc. 605332511; Kear-

ney Jubilee Center 605425000,

600629000; Masonic Temple Assn

Rob Morris Lodge 610009010; Mid

Nebraska Community Services Inc.

605082100, 605272000,

605330000,605327000; Mid Ne-

braska Foundation Inc.

602100000, 605841652,

605841666; Midwest Dist of Evan-

gelical Free Church of America

602966000; Mother Hull Home

600287000, 610060000; National

Audubon Society 720145001; NE

Art Collection Foundation

605338100; NE Firefighters

Foundation 608002024; Nebraska

Assn for Developmental Housing

Inc. 603142200; Nebraska Youth

Camp Corp 620269000; Platte

River Whooping Crane Mainte-

nance Trust, Inc 700167000,

720021000, 720022100; Post 52

American Legion Inc KY

605160000; Press On Ministeries

601117005; RAFT 602564000; S.A-

.F.E. Center 604807000; Shelton

American Legion Post #297

680082000; South Central Behav-

ioral Services 601472105,

601472101; The Salvation Army

600852000; University of NE

Foundation State College Founda-

tion 602032000; V F W

610040010; VSL Kearney, LLC

580002900; Womans Club of Kear-

ney 601374000; Wood River Valley

Historical Society 680078010;

Yanney Heritage Park Foundation,

Inc. 606540002


Armada Cemetery Ass'n

200042000; Black Hill Creek Cem-

etery 140057001; Bohemian Na-

tional Catholic Cemetery (St Wen-

ceslaus) 280047000; Burgess

Cemetery 280184000; Diocese of

Grand Island St Joseph CD/O Our

Lady of Lourdes Church

280149000; Dove Hill Cemetery

580721000; Elm Creek Catholic

Cemetery 480032000; Elm Creek

Cemetery 480002000; Evangelical

Lutheran Church (Pioneer Ceme-

tery) 380140000; Fairmont Ceme-

tery (Pioneer) 240154001; Fairview

Cemetery 460072010; Gibbon Riv-

erside Cemetery 660154110; Grace

Lutheran Church (Peake Lutheran

Cemetery) 240139000; Grace Lu-

theran Church (St John's Ceme-

tery) 260169000; Highland Ceme-

tery Ravenna 060054000; Imman-

uel Lutheran Cenetery 220048050;

Kearney Cemetery 600120000; Ma-

jors Cemetery 260064050; Old

Stanley Cemetery 440117000;

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Dow

Cemetery) 280200001; Pleasant

Valley Cemetery 100092000; Poor

Farm Cemetery 620012200; Prairie

Center Cemetery 360145145; Prot-

estant Cemetery 060055001; Riv-

erdale Cemetery Assn 540002000;

Sodtown Cemetery 020144000; St

Marys Catholic Cemetery

100160000; St Mary's Catholic of

Prairie Center Cemetery

360140111; Sweetwater Lutheran

Cemetery 080032100; Zion Lu-

theran Cemetery Trust 300132151;

Zion Lutheran Cemetery Trust Fund


Dated this 16th Day of Septem-

ber, 2020

Janice I. Giffin

Buffalo County Clerk

ZNEZ S18,t1




SUBJECT: 51 Rolls of 4' x 50'

Wooden Snow Fence


September 15, 2020


September 30, 2020,

4:30-5:30 pm


October 8, 2020, 5:00 pm


Tim R. Tunnell,

Senior Land Manager

Headwaters Corporation

The Governance Committee of

the Platte River Recovery Imple-

mentation Program (Program) is

taking sealed bids on fifty-one (51)

4' x 50' rolls of wooden snow

fence. The wooden snow fence

rolls are located at 10499 748 Rd,

Overton, NE in Phelps County and

will be removed from the property

at the bidder's expense. Interested

bidders are encouraged to attend a

pre-bid inspection on September

30, 2020 from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Sealed bids are due on October 8,

2020 at 5:00 pm. For a complete

copy of an information package,

please visit the Contractors site on

the Program website:




ZNEZ S18,19,25,26






The City of Kearney, Nebraska

(Sponsor) is hereby soliciting state-

ments of qualifications and experi-

ence from airport consultants for

improvement projects at the Kear-

ney Regional Airport (EAR), Kear-

ney, Nebraska. Subject to receipt

of Federal funding under the Coro-

navirus Aid, Relief, and Economic

Security (CARES) Act (H.R. 748,

Public Law 116-136).

The required services include,

but are not limited to, engineering

services for preliminary, design,

bidding and construction phases

and incidental special services in-

cluding geotechnical, material (QA)

testing and surveying.

Under Title XII of Division B of the

CARES Act, a qualification-based

selection (QBS) process conform-

ing to the FAA Advisory Circular

150/5100-14E Architectural, Engi-

neering and Planning Consultant

Services for Airport Grant Projects,

will be utilized to select the most

qualified firm. Fees will be negoti-

ated for projects as federal funds

become available. The agree-

ment(s) between the Sponsor and

the selected consultant will be sub-

ject to all applicable Federal Rules

and Regulations as identified in AC


The City of Kearney is an equal

opportunity employer and requires

all contractors and consultants to

comply with all applicable federal

and state laws and regulations.

Scope of Work: Projects may in-

clude airside design, construction

administration, building design, and

CARES Act program management,

in support of the aforementioned

projects. The list of projects antici-

pated to occur within the next four

(4) years includes:

1. Terminal Building Expansion &

Associated Site Adjustments

($6.0-$7.0 million)

2. T-Hangar(s) Construction and

Taxilane Overlay ($2.5-$3.5 million)

3. Construct Parkin Lot Expan-

sion(s) ($800,000-$1.0 million)

Submittal Requirements: The en-

tire Statement of Qualifications

shall not exceed forty (40) pages

and should include the following


1. Signed City of Kearney RFQ

submission form (Page 1)

2. Cover Letter - Provide a cover

letter that includes an overview of

the proposal and statements as to

why the Respondent is the best

team for the projects.

3. Statement of Qualifications -

Narrative that addresses items

listed in the Proposal Format (1-5)

Proposal Format: To facilitate re-

view, submissions should conform

to the follow format:

1. Firm's Experience with Similar

Projects: Provide a description of

your firm's recent experience (wit-

hin five years) and qualifications in

airport engineering, architectural,

design, financial, and planning on

projects similar in magnitude to the

Scope of Work.

2. Project Team: Identify the pro-

posed project team members and

responsibilities. Provide a resume

for each key person proposed, out-

lining their credentials and experi-

ence working on similar airports. If

other firms/individuals are pro-

posed, please provide a brief de-

scription of the firms and history

working together, anticipated role,

and key individuals that will be as-


3. Project Approach: Describe

your general approach to executing

projects as identified in the above

Scope of Work.

4. References: Provide the name

and contact information for three

(3) references of similar size air-

ports who are familiar with the

quality of work by your firm for

projects of similar nature to those

contained in the Scope of Work.

5. Other Supporting Data: In-

clude any other information you

feel to be relevant to the selection

of your firm.

Criteria for Review of Statement

of Qualifications: The following cri-

teria will be used in screening,

ranking and selection of the suc-

cessful firm:

1. Qualifications of the Firm and

Key Personnel (25 points): Prefer-

ence shall be given to those firms

and experience with airport engi-

neering, architectural, design, fi-

nancial, and planning on projects

similar to those anticipated at the

Kearney Regional Airport.

2. Experience with FAA Funding

Programs (25 points): Preference

shall be given to project teams

whose personnel have demon-

strated an effective working rela-

tionship with the FAA Central Re-

gion office, and possess a thor-

ough understanding of FAA regula-

tions and procedures.

3. Approach to Projects (25

points): Preference shall be given

to those firms that can 1) Demon-

strate a clear understanding and fa-

miliarity of the pending projects

and an approach that establishes a

strategy for completing the various

project identified; and 2) If a team

approach is utilized, the proposal

shall identify team structure, re-

sponsibilities of each firm, and his-

tory of the team working together

on similar projects.

4. Experience on Comparable

Projects (25 points): Preference

shall be given to project firms who

have demonstrated satisfactory ex-

perience and performance at air-

ports on similar projects to those

listed in the Scope of Work. The

project experience section should

highlight project budget and overall

schedule/completion information

on similar projects at like airports.

Review of Consultants/Evalu-

ation: The qualification-based se-

lection process shall conform to

FAA Advisory Circular

150/5100-14E, current edition,

which will be utilized to evaluate

the most qualified firms.

The City of Kearney has the right

to make any inquiry or investigation

it deems appropriate to substanti-

ate or supplement information con-

tained in the statement of qualifi-

cations and related documents.

Responses to the RFQ will be

evaluated on the merits/qualific-

ations of the proposed Design

Team, on the scope of work and

deliverables identified, and on the

performance schedule for complet-

ing such work as described in the


This Request for Qualifications

does not commit the City of Kear-

ney to award a contract, to pay any

costs incurred in the preparation of

a proposal for this request, or to

procure or contract for services.

The City of Kearney reserves the

right to accept or reject any or all

proposals received as a result of

this request, to negotiate with any

qualified firm or to modify or cancel

in part or in its entirety the Request

for Qualifications, if it is in the best

interest of the City of Kearney to do


Method of Award: The City of

Kearney reserves the right to award

an agreement to the firm that dem-

onstrates the best ability to fulfill

the project requirements. The suc-

cessful firm will be selected based

on the qualifications, selection cri-

teria evaluation, and a possible in-

terview. The firm selected will be

given the first right to negotiate

Scope of Services, Fee Schedule

and ultimately an agreement ac-

ceptable to the City. In the event

an agreement cannot be reached,

the City may enter into negotiation

with the next ranking firm. The fol-

lowing is a tentative timeline:

Ÿ Release of RFQ: Friday, Sep-

tember 4, 2020

Ÿ RFQ Due: Tuesday, Septem-

ber 29, 2020

Ÿ Review of SOQ's: Wednes-

day, September 30, 2020

Ÿ Tentative Date to Approve

Negotiations with Successful Firm:

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ÿ City Council Approval: Tues-

day, October 13, 2020

City's General Requirements:

Consultant shall agree to protect,

defend, indemnify, and hold the

City Council, City of Kearney, its

officers, commissions, employees

and agents free and harmless from

and against any loss, penalties

damages, settlements, costs,

charges, professional fees or other

expenses or liabilities of every kind

and character resulting from the er-

ror, omission or negligent act of the

Consultant, its agents, employees

or representatives, in the perfor-

mance of the Consultant duties un-

der any agreement resulting from

award of this proposal. The City, or

any of its agencies, will not hold

harmless or indemnify any re-

spondent for any liability whatso-


It is agreed between the parties

that the City of Kearney shall not,

under any circumstances, be re-

sponsible nor have any obligation

for workers compensation benefits

to the Contractor, its agents, em-

ployees and subcontractors or their

agents and/or employees.

Federal Contract Provisions: Fed-

eral Contract Provisions for A/E

agreements will be required for CA-

RES Act projects and are either

provided below or included by ref-


o Buy American Preferences

o Civil Rights - Title VI Assur-


o Davis-Bacon Requirements

o Debarment and Suspension

o Disadvantaged Business Enter-


o Foreign Trade Restriction

o Lobbying Federal Employees

o Recovered Materials





1. The Offeror's or Bidder's at-

tention is called to the "Equal Op-

portunity Clause" and the

"Standard Federal Equal Employ-

ment Opportunity Construction

Contract Specifications" set forth


2. The goals and timetables for

minority and female participation,

expressed in percentage terms for

the Contractor's aggregate work-

force in each trade on all construc-

tion work in the covered area, are

as follows: Timetables: Goals for

minority participation for each

trade: 1.4% & Goals for female par-

ticipation in each trade:6.9%

These goals are applicable to all

of the Contractor's construction

work (whether or not it is Federal or

federally assisted) performed in the

covered area. If the Contractor

performs construction work in a

geographical area located outside

of the covered area, it shall apply

the goals established for such geo-

graphical area where the work is

actually performed. With regard to

this second area, the Contractor

also is subject to the goals for both

its federally involved and non-fede-

rally involved construction.

The Contractor's compliance with

the Executive Order and the regula-

tions in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be

based on its implementation of the

Equal Opportunity Clause, specific

affirmative action obligations re-

quired by the specifications set

forth in 41 CFR 60-4.3(a) and its ef-

forts to meet the goals. The hours

of minority and female employment

and training must be substantially

uniform throughout the length of

the contract, and in each trade, and

the Contractor shall make a good

faith effort to employ minorities and

women evenly on each of its proj-

ects. The transfer of minority or fe-

male employees or trainees from

Contractor to Contractor or from

project to project for the sole pur-

pose of meeting the Contractor's

goals shall be a violation of the

contract, the Executive Order and

the regulations in 41 CFR Part

60-4. Compliance with the goals

will be measured against the total

work hours performed.

3. The Contractor shall provide

written notification to the Director

of the Office of Federal Contract

Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

within 10 working days of award of

any construction subcontract in ex-

cess of $10,000 at any tier for con-

struction work under the contract

resulting from this solicitation. The

notification shall list the name, ad-

dress, and telephone number of the

subcontractor; employer identifica-

tion number of the subcontractor;

estimated dollar amount of the

subcontract; estimated starting and

completion dates of the subcon-

tract; and the geographical area in

which the subcontract is to be per-


4. As used in this notice and in

the contract resulting from this so-

licitation, the "covered area" is the

State of Nebraska, County of Buf-

falo and City of Kearney.

Title VI Solicitation Notice: The

City of Kearney, in accordance with

the provisions of Title VI of the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42

USC §§ 2000d to 2000d-4) and the

Regulations, hereby notifies all bid-

ders or offerors that it will affirma-

tively ensure that any contract en-

tered into pursuant to this adver-

tisement, disadvantaged business

enterprises will be afforded full and

fair opportunity to submit bids in

response to this invitation and will

not be discriminated against on the

grounds of race, color, or national

origin in consideration for an


Submission Requirements: Each

firm will submit four (4) proposals

and a thumb/jump drive for neces-

sary distribution. The City of Kear-

ney will accept only those sealed

proposals, either hand delivered or

received via U.S. Mail or other

commercial carrier received at the

City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 18

East 22nd Street, Kearney, Ne-

braska. Late receipt of submittals

will not be considered regardless of

postmark. All proposals will be vali-

dated. Submittals received after

the due date will be filed unopened.

Interested firms should submit

each proposal to the following ad-

dress no later than 2:00 p.m., Tues-

day, September 29, 2020 to:

City of Kearney

Lauren Brandt, City Clerk

18 East 22nd Street

P.O. Box 1180

Kearney, NE 68848

If you have any questions re-

garding this Request for Qualifica-

tions, please contact Jim Lynaugh,

Airport Manager, at 308-234-2318.



ZNEZ S4,11,18



Notice is hereby given that Doc

Homans Ballistic Beverages LLC

(the "Company") has been organ-

ized under the laws of the State of

Nebraska. The designated office of

the Company is 285 Star Lane,

Gibbon, NE 68840. The registered

agent of the Company is Regis-

tered Agents, Inc., 530 S. 13th

Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE

68508. The general nature of the

business will be to engage in the

transaction of any or all lawful busi-

ness, for which a limited liability

company may be organized under

the laws of the State of Nebraska.

The LLC was filed with the State of

Nebraska August 11 2020. Organ-

izer Name: Riley Park.


ZNEZ S11,18,25







Notice is hereby given that Ele-

vated Gunworks Nebraska, L.L.C.

(the “Company”) has been organ-

ized under the laws of the State of

Nebraska. The designated office of

the Company is 4807 16th Ave Pl.,

Kearney, Nebraska 68845. The reg-

istered agent of the Company is

Ryan L. Page, 4807 16th Ave Pl.,

Kearney, Nebraska 68845. The

Company was formed on Septem-

ber 15, 2020.

ZNEZ S18,25,O2







Case No. PR20-151


Notice is hereby given that on

Sept. 2, 2020, in the County Court

of Buffalo County, Nebraska, the

Registrar issued a written state-

ment of Informal Probate of the Will

of said Deceased and that Paul J.

Bartels, whose address is 5103 G

Avenue Place, Kearney, NE 68847

and Mark D. Bartels, whose ad-

dress is 5703 Avenue Q, Kearney,

NE 68847, were informally ap-

pointed by the Registrar as per-

sonal corepresentatives of this es-

tate. Creditors of this estate must

file their claims with this Court on

or before Nov. 4, 2020, or be for-

ever barred.

Sharmin Gonzales

Clerk Magistrate of

the County Court

Buffalo County Courthouse

16th and Central Avenue

Kearney, NE 68847



Attorney for Applicant

1516 1st Avenue, P.O. Box 1600

Kearney, NE 68848-1600

(308) 237-2114

ZNEZ S4,11,18






Estate No PR20-148


Notice is hereby given that on

Aug. 31, 2020, in the County Court

of Buffalo County, Nebraska, the

Registrar issued a written state-

ment of Informal Probate of the Will

of said Decedent and that Thomas

Sikes of 2004 W Road, Kenesaw,

NE 68956 was informally appointed

by the Registrar as Personal Rep-

resentative of the Estate.

Creditors of this Estate must file

their claims with this Court on or

before Nov. 4, 2020, or be forever


Sharmin Gonzales

Clerk of the County Court

Address of County Court:

County Court of Buffalo County

Buffalo County Court

PO Box 520

Kearney, NE 68848-0520

Michael D. Carper Law Office

3915 Ave N, Ste. C - PO Box 924

Kearney, NE 68847

Tel: 308-236-2090

Fax: 308-236-0740



ZNEZ S4,11,18







Case No. PR20-150


Notice is hereby given that on

Sept. 1, 2020, in the County Court

of Buffalo County, Nebraska, the

Registrar issued a written state-

ment of Informal Probate of the Will

of said Deceased and that Jerome

Samuel Rash, III, whose address is

710 West 9th Street, Kearney, NE

68845 and Kevin Andrew Rash,

whose address is 2198 South Cele-

bration Avenue, Springfield, MO

65809, were informally appointed

by the Registrar as personal

corepresentatives of this estate.

Creditors of this estate must file

their claims with this Court on or

before Nov. 4, 2020, or be forever


Sharmin Gonzales

Clerk Magistrate of

the County Court

Buffalo County Courthouse

16th and Central Avenue

Kearney, NE 68847



Attorney for Applicant

1516 1st Avenue, P.O. Box 1600

Kearney, NE 68848-1600

(308) 237-2114

ZNEZ S4,11,18

<addr:HARRIS, GREG,3082346561,PO BOX 1125,KEARNEY,NE>






ESTATE NO. PR 17-156


Notice is hereby given that a final

account and report of administra-

tion, and Formal Petition for Com-

plete Settlement After Informal In-

testate Proceeding and determina-

tion of heirs have been filed and are

set for hearing in the County Court

of Buffalo County, Nebraska, lo-

cated at 1512 Central Avenue,

Kearney, Nebraska, on October

19, 2020, at 10:00 a.m.



21475 HIGHWAY 10





PO BOX 1125

KEARNEY, NE 68848-1125



ZNEZ S11,18,25


Invitations for Bids

Central Community College

Heat Recovery Chiller



A. Bids signed and under seal,

executed, and dated will be re-

ceived by Central Community Col-

lege, for the furnishing of all labor,

materials and equipment for the

Grand Island Heat Recovery Chiller

Replacement, located at 3134

US-34, Grand Island, NE 68801.

a. Date: October 8, 2020.

b. Time: 2:00 p.m.

c. Location: Central Community

College, Administration Office

Board Room, 3134 US-34, Grand

Island NE 68801.

d. Mailed proposals shall be sent

to "Central Community College,

ATTN: Carmen Taylor, Purchasing

Manager, PO Box 4903, Grand Is-

land, NE 68802-4903"

e. Proposals shall be delivered

and marked "CCC Grand Island

Heat Recovery Chiller Replace-


f. Emailed or faxed bids are not


B. Offers will be opened publicly

immediately after the time for re-

ceipt of bids. The Owner will con-

sider the bids received for the fur-

nishing of said labor, materials and

equipment necessary for the proper

construction of the aforesaid proj-


C. The General, Mechanical and

Electrical, will be under one Bid. All

subcontractor quotations shall be

sent to the Mechanical Contractor.

D. Bid Security is required to be

submitted with bid proposal form.

Make payable to Central Commu-

nity College in the amount of 5% of

the Lump Sum Bid Amount. Bid

Security shall be of cashiers check,

certified check, or Bid Bond issued

by a Surety licensed to conduct

business in the State of Nebraska.

Form of Bid Bond is AIA Document

A310. Any agent signing a bid bond

on behalf of the Surety must attach

a Power of Attorney effectively evi-

dencing the agent's authority to

bind the Surety to the performance

of the Bid Bond.

E. Performance Bond: The Con-

tractor shall be required to furnish

acceptable bonds to complete the

work and pay for all labor and ma-

terials used, said bonds to be in the

amount of 100% of total amount of

the Contract. See Document A701,

Instructions to Bidders.

F. Taxes: The Contractor by vir-

tue of his contract with Central

Community College, becomes a

purchasing agent for the school

district on their behalf and under

Statute 77-2702 does not pay sales


G. Insurance: Prior to the start of

the work, completed copies of the

Certificate of Insurance, AIA Docu-

ment G705 shall be submitted to

the Owner and Architect.

H. Pre-Bid Conference. Meeting

attendance is required for prime


Date: September 29, 2020.

Time: 3:00 P.M. Central Time

Place: Central Community Col-

lege, Administration Office Board

Room, 3134 US-34, Grand Island

NE 68801.


Central Community College re-

serves the right to accept or reject

any or all offers and to pass upon

the regularity or waive any irregu-

larities of the bidders. The Owner

intends to interview the lowest re-

sponsible bidder. Any award of

contract shall be made to the low-

est responsible bidder, taking into

consideration the best interests of

the Owner, the quality performance

of the Contractor, and his ability to

perform the work.



a. Contractors may obtain full

sets of Drawings and Project Man-

ual from the following locations:

1. A&D Technical Supply Co.,

4320 So. 89th, Omaha, NE 68127

(402) 592-4950.

K. A deposit in the amount of

$50.00 (made payable to Morrissey

Engineering, Inc.) will be required

for each set of bidding documents.

If shipping is required there is a

nonrefundable amount determined

by A&D Technical and made paya-

ble to A&D Technical Supply. The

deposit will be returned in full only

if a qualified bid is submitted and

the Drawings and Specifications

are returned within fifteen (15) days

of the bid determination, or if the

Contractor decides not to submit a

Proposal and the Drawings and

Specifications are returned with

seven (7) days prior to the bid


L. All Bid Documents, with the

exception of those Bid Documents

held by bidders who have been

awarded a contract, shall be re-

turned to Morrissey Engineering,

Inc., 4940 North 118th St, Omaha,

Nebraska 68164.

M. Drawings and Project Manual

may be examined at:

a. Morrissey Engineering, Inc.,

4940 North 118th St, Omaha, Ne-

braska 68164

b. Lincoln Builders Bureau, 5910

S. 58th Suite #C, Lincoln, NE


c. Columbus Area Chamber of

Commerce, 764 33rd Ave., Colum-

bus NE 68602-0515.

d. Hastings Builders Bureau, 301

South Burlington, Hastings, NE


e. Central Nebraska Plan Service,

111 West 6th Street, North Platte,

NE 69101.

f. Builders Plan Service, 309

West 2nd, Grand Island NE 68801

g. Kearney Plan Service, 1007

2nd Avenue, Kearney NE 68847.

N. Upon receipt of Bid Docu-

ments verify that documents are

complete. Notify Morrissey Engi-

neering, Inc. should the documents

be incomplete.

O. Immediately notify Morrissey

Engineering, Inc., upon finding dis-

crepancies or omissions in the Bid


ZNEZ S18,22,25




Notice is hereby given of the or-

ganization of Little Blue Land Com-

pany, L.L.C., a Nebraska Limited

Liability Company. The Company

commenced on September 14,

2020 and its duration is perpetual.

Its registered office is at 415 South

B Street, Shelton, Nebraska 68876

and the registered agent at that ad-

dress is Nathan Kosse. The desig-

nated office address for the Com-

pany is 415 South B Street, Shel-

ton, Nebraska 68876. The general

nature of the business to be trans-

acted is to engage in any and all

lawful business for which a limited

liability company may be organ-

ized; to offer and conduct real es-

tate appraisal and management

services, and to conduct any and

all other business enterprises

which the Company may deem ap-

propriate and advantageous; to ac-

quire and dispose of real or per-

sonal property or any interest

therein; and to do all necessary,

proper, advisable, or convenient

things for these stated purposes.

The company is to be managed by

one or more managers elected by

the members.

Dated this 14th day of Septem-

ber, 2020.

/s/ Nathan Kosse

Organizer, Member and Manager.

/s/ Karlie Kosse

Organizer, Member and Manager.

Henry C. Schenker, #24586



P. O. Box 207

Franklin, NE 68939

(308) 425-6273

ZNEZ S18,25,O2






that a meeting of the Mayor and

Council of the City of Kearney, Ne-

braska, will be held at 5:30 p.m. on

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 in

the Council Chambers at City Hall,

18 East 22nd Street, Kearney, Ne-

braska, which meeting will be open

to the public. An agenda for such

meeting, kept continuously current,

is available for public inspection at

the Office of the City Clerk at the

City Hall, Kearney, Nebraska, dur-

ing normal business hours. Except

for items of an emergency nature,

the agenda shall not be altered

later than 24 hours before the

scheduled commencement of the

meeting. The City Council shall

have the right to modify the agenda

to include items of an emergency

nature only at such public meeting.

Individuals requiring physical or

sensory accommodations who de-

sire to attend or participate please

contact the City Clerk at City Hall

or call (308) 233-3216 no later than

24 hours prior to the meeting.



ZNEZ S18,t1





$7,555 U.S. CURRENCY

Notice is hereby given to whom it

may concern, Jerrod Pick, Andy

Garcia, John Doe and Jane Doe,

real names unknown, and anyone

else claiming any right or interest in

and to the following described


$7,555 U.S. CURRENCY

that the above currency was

seized in Buffalo County, Ne-

braska, on August 29, 2020, and a

Complaint for Forfeiture of the sub-

ject currency is currently pending in

the District Court of Buffalo

County, Nebraska. Further, that a

hearing on the Complaint for Forfei-

ture of the seized property has

been scheduled on November 10,

2020 at 3:00 p.m., before the Hon-

orable Ryan Carson, District Judge.

Any party claiming any right or in-

terest in the above-described

seized property shall appear and

file an Answer or Demurrer with the

District Court Clerk of Buffalo

County, Nebraska, on or before

Monday, September 28, 2020, or

be forever barred.


Buffalo County Attorney


Deputy County Attorney

P.O. Box 67

Kearney, NE 68848-0067

(308) 236-1222

ZNEZ S18,25,O2,9





Notice is hereby given that Ra-

venna Public Schools is soliciting

bids for the Ravenna Public

Schools Dishwasher Replacement

Project. Scope of work includes

but is not limited to the installation

of a new commercial dishwasher in

the school's kitchen. Proposal will

be received for the project at the

office of Ravenna High School-A-

ttention: Ken Schroeder-PO Box

8400-41750 Carthage Rd-Ravenna,

NE 68869 or via email at <k-

en.schroeder@rave->. Bid specification

are available by contacting Super-

intendent Schroeder. Bids are due

on or before Monday, September

28 at 2:00 P.M. CST for the furnish-

ing of all labor, materials, equip-

ment, and services for the project.

Bids will be read aloud at that time.

Site observations prior to bidding

shall be coordinated and scheduled

with the school by contacting Su-

perintendent Ken Schroeder at

308-470-0502 or at <k-


ZNEZ S18,t1


Meeting Proceedings

Kearney Public Schools

Board of Education

Annual Budget Hearing,

Tax Request Hearing

& Regular Meeting

Monday, September 14, 2020

5:30 P.M.

Staff Development Room

Administration Building

320 West 24th St.

Kearney, NE 68845


At its September 14, 2020 annual

budget hearing, tax request hear-

ing, and regular meeting, the Kear-

ney Public Schools Board of

Education took the following ac-


1. Conducted the annual budget

hearing for the 2020-2021 school


2. Conducted the annual tax re-

quest hearing to set the final tax re-

quest for the 2020-2021 school

year at a different amount than the

prior year's tax request

3. Heard a report from Dulce

Valdez-Espinoza, Migrant Program

Coordinator, on the district's pro-

gram to assist migrant students

and their families.

4. Heard a presentation by Tori

Stofferson, Communications and

Marketing Director, on the features

of the new Kearney Public Schools


5. Heard a report from Dr. Kent

Edwards on final legislation en-

acted by the Nebraska Unicameral

this session that affects education

6. Recognized Matt Dahlke, KHS

senior, for being selected to the

National Association for Music

Education's National Honors Or-


7. Heard a report from Kent

Cordes of BD Construction on the

final stages of the Sunrise Middle

School and Kearney High School

construction and renovation proj-

ects, and progress being made on

the Hanny Arram Center for Suc-

cess project

8. Approved the minutes of the

August 10, 2020 regular Board of

Education meeting, as presented.

9. Approved the September,

2020 claims as presented

10. Approved the September,

2020 financial reports, as presen-


11. Approved professional ad-

vancements for qualifying certifi-

cated staff members in the Kearney

Public Schools for the 2020-2021

school year, as listed

12. Recognized the Kearney

Education Association as the ex-

clusive bargaining agent for all

non-supervisory certificated staff in

the Kearney Public Schools, for the

2022-2023 school year

13. Accepted the Glenwood

Community Organization's annual

self-audit report for the 2019-2020

school year, as presented

14. Accepted the Northeast Ele-

mentary School PTO's annual

self-audit report for the 2019-2020

school year, as presented

15. Accepted the Windy Hills Ele-

mentary School PTO's annual

self-audit report for the 2019-2020

school year, as presented

16. Accepted the bid of Nebraska

Central Equipment of Grand Island

for a 2022 Bluebird Vision bus in

the amount of $73,199.00, after a

trade-in allowance of $27,000

17. Adopted the Kearney Public

Schools General Fund Budget in

the amount of $61,392,844.00; the

Special Building Fund Budget in

the amount of $6,000,000.00; the

Bond Fund Budget in the amount

of $7,604,483.00; the Depreciation

Fund Budget in the amount of

$550,000.00; the Employee Benefit

Fund Budget in the amount of

$100,000.00; the Activity Fund

Budget in the amount of

$2,871,271.00; the School Nutrition

Fund Budget in the amount of

$3,531,532.00; the Student Fee

Fund Budget in the amount of

$155,000.00; and the Cooperative

Fund Budget in the amount of

$700,000.00; for the 2020-2021

school year

18. Adopted the Resolution to set

the final property tax requests for

the Kearney Public Schools for the

2020-2021 school year, as listed

19. Approved the revised Memo-

randum of Understanding with

UNK for the Dual Enrollment Pro-

gram between UNK and KPS, as


20. Approved the revised Memo-

randum of Understanding with the

City of Kearney for the school re-

source officers in the Kearney Pub-

lic Schools, as presented

21. Approved two revised Memo-

randums of Understanding with

Central Community College for

Dual Credit Classes and CCC In-

structional Programs in KPS Facili-

ties, as presented

22. Gave first reading approval

and waived second reading ap-

proval of the following Internal

Board Policies: 9270.3 (Board

Member Attendance at Educational

Workshops, Conferences, Training

Programs, Official Functions, Hear-

ings, and Meetings); 9310.2 (Oppo-

rtunity for Public Expression); and

9310.3 (Order of Business); and

new Policies

1340.21/4002.12/5401.1 (Proc-

edure for Title IX Complaints of

Sexual Harassment); as presented

23. Heard an announcement from

Board Member Alex Straatmann re-

garding his absence from the

Board of Education for a period of

one year due to being called to ac-

tive duty in the Army Reserve

24. Adjourned the meeting

The next regular meeting of the

Kearney Public Schools Board of

Education will be held on Monday,

October 12, 2020 at 5:30 P.M. in

the Staff Development Room in the

Administration Building at 320

West 24th Street, Kearney, NE


ZNEZ S18,t1


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