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Legal notices: September 17, 2020

Legal notices: September 17, 2020

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You are hereby notified that on

APRIL 9, 2020 the Plaintiff, General

Collection Company filed a Petition

in the County Court of BUFFALO

County, Nebraska against you

shown as Case Number CI 20-768

the object and prayer of which is a

judgment in the amount of

$5309.00 plus court costs, attor-

ney's fees and pre-judgement in-

terest pursuant to Nebraska Re-

vised statute Section 25-1801.

The petition prays that judgment

be entered against you. You are

hereby notified that you must an-

swer the petition on or before the

30TH day of OCTOBER, 2020 at

the BUFFALO County Court of Ne-







ZNEZ S17,24,O1




Notice is hereby given that Two

Rivers Public Health Department

will be holding a regular Board of

Health Meeting on October 6,

2020. The meeting will be held at

516 W 11th Street Suite 108B

Kearney NE with an option for

online viewing beginning at

6:00PM. Access to find

the online meeting link on the day

of the meeting. The agenda for this

meeting is kept current and availa-

ble for public inspection at Two

Rivers Public Health Department;

agenda may be modified at this


-s-Jeremy Eschliman

Health Director


ZNEZ S17,t1




Village of Miller

Board of Trustees

September 10th 2020



Chairman Ray Shields called the

Budget Hearing to order at 7:30pm.

in the Miller Community Hall with

trustees Joe Lourenco, Jon Holmes

and Terry Hansen Rick Bowie pres-

ent. The chairman acknowledged

the open meeting laws, which are

posted in the community hall. Mo-

tion for approval of a 1% increase

in total 2020-2021 funds subject to

limitation by Hansen, seconded by

Lourenco. Roll call 5 to 0, motion

passed. Motion to approve the or-

dinance to adopt the budget by

Bowie, seconded by Holmes. Roll

call 5 to 0 motion passed. Motion

to pass the resolution to set the

levy by Lourenco, seconded by

Hansen. Roll call 5 to 0, motion

passed. Motion for audit wavier by

Bowie, seconded by Lourenco. Roll

call 5 to 0, motion passed. Motion

to adjourn by Holmes, seconded by

Hansen. Roll call 5 to 0, motion

passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:48.

ZNEZ S17,t1









AAA Enterprises, Inc. Supplies

$3,934.10; AbleNet, Inc Supplies

$135.00; AC Supply Co Supplies

$540.34; All Makes Miscellaneous

Expenditure $357.37; All Makes

Auto Supply Tires and Parts

$500.29; Almquist Maltzahn

Galawa Luth Professional Services

$769.50; Alpha Rehabilitation Pupil

Services $260.62; Alyse Pflanz Pro-

fessional Services $65.00; Amadaia

Trombetta Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $24.55; Amax Contracting Inc

Supplies $204.80; Amazon Capital

Services Supplies $21,880.51; Am-

ber Swartz Supplies $41.79; Amy

Denny. Supplies $128.00; Andrew

Kern Miscellaneous Expenditure

$42.25; Angela Haussler Miscella-

neous Expenditure $154.85; Angela

Hock Miscellaneous Expenditure

$18.55; Angela Wright Supplies

$91.97; Anthony Castillo Profes-

sional Services $130.00; Apple Inc

Equity $31,190.59; Apple Inc Equity

$27,688.55; Apple Inc Technolo-

gyRelated Hardware $47,503.70;

Apple Inc TechnologyRelated

Hardware $3,377.56; Apple Market

Food $20.21; Araceli Arroyo Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $91.61; Ar-

nold Motor Supply Tires and Parts

$24.04; ASCDAssoc for Supv &

Curriculum Dev Dues and Fees

$59.00; AUCA Chicago Lockbox

Uniforms $1,323.20; Axtell High

School Pupil Services $2,884.49;

B2 Environmental Inc Professional

Services $1,100.00; Band Shoppe

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$4,836.10; Bart J Fouts Profes-

sional Services $100.00; Black Hills

Energy Natural Gas $127.99; Blick

Art Materials Supplies $3,537.70;

Blick Art Materials Il Miscellaneous

Expenditure $386.17; Blick Art Ma-

terials Il Supplies $386.17; Body

Worx Vehicle Repair $4,099.78;

Boogaarts Food Store Food $8.48;

Bracker's Good Earth Clays Inc

Supplies $3,683.95; Bradlee C

Hartzog Professional Services

$50.00; BrainPOP LLC Technology

Software $20,908.12; Broadfoot's

Sand & Gravel Incorporated Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $972.00;

Brodart Co Supplies $78.47; BS &

K Signs, Inc Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $865.00; Buffalo Outdoor

Power LLC Supplies $51.98; Build-

ers HowTo Warehouse Miscella-

neous Expenditure $11,162.87; Bus

Parts Warehouse Tires and Parts

$1,081.93; ByteSpeed LLC Tech-

nology Software $5,000.00; Cade

Connell Professional Services

$50.00; Cara Carranza Travel

$9.74; Carrie L Prososki Miscella-

neous Expenditure $45.95; Carter

Siebke Supplies $22.00; Cash from

NebraskaLand National Bank Dues

and Fees $61.00; CashWa Distrib-

uting Food $107,881.24; CDW

Government Inc Technolo-

gyRelated Hardware $213.99; CDW

Government Inc Technolo-

gyRelated Hardware $12,159.00;

CED/American Electric Supplies

$315.00; Cengage Learning Gale

Technology Software $4,735.00;

Central Nebraska Bobcat Repairs &

Maintenance Services $100.70;

Ceramic Shop Supplies $100.25;

Chance Waggoner Supplies

$472.89; Charter Communications

Miscellaneous Expenditure $7.91;

Charter Communications Other

Communication $10,082.01; Char-

ter Communications Other Com-

munication $13.18; Charter Com-

munications Supplies $26.36;

Chemsearch Supplies $196.23;

Cherish Ohlman Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $38.17; Chesterman Co.

Food $3,213.65; Chris Struebing

Miscellaneous Expenditure $14.85;

Christine Ehrmann Miscellaneous

Expenditure $95.15; Cindy Miller

Professional Services $120.00; City

of Kearney School Resource Office

Security Officer $5,378.13; City of

KearneyWater,Sanitn,Sewer Dept

Garbage $6,706.48; ClayKing Sup-

plies $342.91; CNA Surety Dues

and Fees $40.00; Coach Master's

Inc Vehicle Repair $5,655.02; Com-

puter Hardware Inc Kearney Sup-

plies $897.90; Computer Informa-

tion Concepts Inc Technology Soft-

ware $91,318.00; Construction

Rental Kearney Rentals of Equip-

ment and Vehicles $209.00; Copy-

cat Printing Inc Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $85.11; Copycat Printing

Inc Supplies $1,408.81; Cozad

High School Dues and Fees

$200.00; Craig Mason Professional

Services $2,500.00; Craig Wiedel

Professional Services $120.00;

Culligan Of Kearney Miscellaneous

Expenditure $31.00; Culligan Of

Kearney Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $71.50; Culligan Of Kearney

Supplies $32.00; Curzon Promo-

tional Graphics Supplies $100.66;

Cynamon Gale Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $9.45; Dan's Sanitation

Inc Garbage $246.00; DAS State

Accounting Central Finance Pur-

chased Service Telephone

$232.49; David Griek Professional

Services $80.00; David Humphrey

Professional Services $220.00;

Dawson Public Power District Elec-

tricity $807.46; Deanne DeTurk

Supplies $35.94; Deb Baumgartner

Travel $32.20; Deb Stocker Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $143.97; Deb-

orah Merz Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $43.63; Deborah Sheldon Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $23.65;

Demco Inc Furniture and Fixtures

$122.15; Derek Luke Professional

Services $120.00; Desiree John

Travel $1.15; Desiree John Travel

$23.58; DHHS Division Of Public

Health School He Dues and Fees

$100.00; Don Wasson Company

Repairs & Maintenance Services

$850.00; Donald D Koller Supplies

$293.35; Douglas C Hartner Pro-

fessional Services $100.00; Dude

Solutions, Inc. Professional Ser-

vices $21,855.86; Echo Group Inc.

Supplies $1,003.81; Ecolab Sup-

plies $2,769.60; Edgenuity Inc.

Technology Software $7,200.00;

Electronic Systems Inc Profes-

sional Services $3,788.00; Eliza-

beth Groneweg Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $103.76; Emily Koski

Travel $3.34; Erin Swarm Supplies

$15.52; Erin Willrich Miscellaneous

Expenditure $87.82; ESU 10 Dues

and Fees $1,870.00; ESU 11 Text-

books $16,450.00; Farmers Union

Coop Assn Vehicle Gasoline

$845.55; Flaghouse Inc Supplies

$587.00; Frontier Purchased Serv-

ice Telephone $1,789.44; Garrett

Tires & Treads Tires and Parts

$745.24; General Parts LLC Re-

pairs & Maintenance Services

$3,182.67; Global Payments, Inc.

Technology Software $1,866.00;

GNS Greater Ne Superintendants

Dues and Fees $250.00; Grand Is-

land Sr High School Dues and Fees

$135.00; Great Minds LLC Text-

books Consumables $112,385.23;

Greater Nebraska Athletic Confer-

ence Dues and Fees $4,250.00;

Gustave A Larson Company Sup-

plies $1,575.32; Happy Numbers

Inc. Technology Software

$6,887.50; Highscope Educational

Research Professional Services

$30.00; Hiland Dairy Foods Food

$18,018.26; Hobby Lobby Stores

Inc Miscellaneous Expenditure

$69.25; Holmes Plumbing & Htg

Supplies $1,853.80; Hometown

Leasing Rentals of Equipment and

Vehicles $9,343.89; Horizon De-

signs Inc Supplies $14.72; Hough-

ton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co.

Technology Software $14,178.61;

HyVee Accounts Receivable Food

$522.32; Ideal Products LLC Sup-

plies $2,961.00; Illuminate Educa-

tion Inc Technology Software

$10,136.00; Illuminate Education

Inc Technology Software

$10,136.00; Imagine Learning, Inc.

Supplies $4,050.00; Innovative Of-

fice Solutions Supplies $51.35; In-

sect Lore Supplies $25.49; Inte-

grated Life Choices Pupil Services

$2,743.80; IXL Learning Technol-

ogy Software $42,403.00; IXL

Learning. Supplies $99.00; Jack

Lederman Co Inc Repairs & Main-

tenance Services $204.00; Jackie

Arens Travel $102.43; Janet Brandt

Travel $14.72; Jennifer Kidd Pro-

fessional Services $16.00; Jesse

Florang Travel $77.05; Jim Langin

Professional Services $80.00; John

M Peters Professional Services

$100.00; Johnstone Supply Sup-

plies $5,765.50; Johnstone Supply

Supplies $56.97;

Inc Technology Software

$12,245.00; Karmen K Grant Sup-

plies $39.95; Kat Mundorf Supplies

$100.00; Kate Murphy Travel

$90.91; Katelyn Butler Travel

$10.47; Kathe Cox Supplies

$22.41; Kathe Cox Supplies

$100.98; Kearney Ace Hardware

Supplies $19.76; Kearney Ag &

Auto Repair Inc Vehicle Repair

$2,344.21; Kearney Area Solid

Landfill City Of Kear Professional

Services $14.95; Kearney Hub Ad-

vertising $695.58; Kearney Pub

SchFoundation Professional Ser-

vices $11,026.96; Kearney Pub

SchFoundation Professional Ser-

vices $7,515.25; Kearney Tire &

Auto Service Co Tires and Parts

$1,048.19; Kearney Towing & Re-

pair Center Inc Dues and Fees

$390.00; Kearney Winlectric Co

Supplies $407.75; Kearney Winne-

lson Supplies $490.41; Kehl Tree

Service Professional Services

$2,250.00; Kelinda Gilg Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $70.85; Kelly Sup-

ply Co Supplies $50.06; Kent

Washington Professional Services

$50.00; Keri Jensen Miscellaneous

Expenditure $42.55; Kerri Graves

Miscellaneous Expenditure $15.34;

Kidwell Purchased Service Tele-

phone $250.00; Kimberly Rahe De-

sign Advertising $359.00; Kirstin

Kirkland Travel $10.41; Kory Rees-

tman Professional Services

$100.00; KPS Foundation Miscella-

neous Expenditure $2,000.00;

Krystal Reynolds Professional Ser-

vices $32.00; KSB School Law

Professional Services $8,750.00;

Kuder Technology Software

$69.95; Kyle Heilbrun Travel

$75.00; Kyle Heilbrun Travel

$13.97; Lawson Products Inc Sup-

plies $42.03; Leah Greeno Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $30.63; Learn-

ing AZ Supplies $115.45; Leisa

McConnell Travel $63.71; Liberty

Hardwoods Inc Supplies

$4,141.60; Library Trac LLC Peri-

odicals $200.00; Lincoln East High

School Dues and Fees $125.00;

Lincoln High School Dues and Fees

$140.00; Lincoln Pius X High

School Dues and Fees $145.00;

Lincoln Pius X High School Dues

and Fees $80.00; Lincoln South-

east High School Dues and Fees

$125.00; Lips Printing Service Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $245.51;

Lisa M Neuheisel Library Re-

ferances $360.88; Lori Keller Travel

$12.31; Lori McCollough Travel

$16.41; Lou's Sporting Goods Sup-

plies $12,822.40; Lou's Sporting

Goods Supplies $5,057.67; M.J.

Shultz Builder, Inc. Professional

Services $57,959.65; Mary E. Dahl-

gren Supplies $80.00; Mary Piska

Miscellaneous Expenditure $24.00;

Masters True Value Miscellaneous

Expenditure $6.49; Masters True

Value Supplies $423.56;

Mathcounts Foundation Miscella-

neous Expenditure $225.00; Math-

eson Linweld Supplies $880.67;

Maverick Industries Inc Profes-

sional Services $909.50; McGraw

Hill School Education Holdings LL

Supplies $301.10; Mckenzie Reilly

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$149.75; Mead Lumber Co Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $349.99; Me-

chanical Sales Parts Inc Repairs &

Maintenance Services $6,062.05;

Megan Schmidt Professional Ser-

vices $62.38; Megan Schmidt Sup-

plies $83.43; Melanie S Nutt Pro-

fessional Services $130.00; Men-

ards Kearney Supplies $1,600.54;

Mi6 Pizza, Inc Food $4,254.10; Mi-

chelle McCormick Postage

$165.00; Michelle McCormick Sup-

plies $7.98; Mick Johnson/Action

Piano Tuning Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $394.00; Midamerica

Books Library Referances $159.60;

MidNebraska Digging Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $1,419.00; Mid-

way Chevrolet Vehicle Repair

$79.95; Midwest Connect Postage

$3,017.67; Midwest Grads Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $5,739.95;

Mighty Ducts Repairs & Mainte-

nance Services $1,625.00; Minden

Lumber and Concrete Company

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$3,696.50; Mindi Heese Travel

$11.04; Misko Sports Supplies

$2,015.00; Mitch Ivey Professional

Services $100.00; Mitch Olson

Travel $4.83; Moonlight Embroidery

& Screen Print Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $3,134.50; Moonlight

Embroidery & Screen Print Sup-

plies $60.00; Morgan Bird Travel

$0.98; Morgan Bird Travel $4.95;

Morgan Bird Travel $3.96; Morris

Press & Office Supplies Advertising

$1,200.20; Motivating Systems LLC

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,591.00; MPS Bedford Freeman

& Worth Pub Technology Software

$5,064.58; Myra L Rahmann Pro-

fessional Services $130.00; n2y,

LLC Supplies $119.81; NATA Ne-

braska Assoc of Tech Admin Travel

$65.00; Natalie Hanna Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $237.15; Natasha

Hahn Supplies $33.55; Nathan

LeFeber Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $53.94; Nathan Lightle Sup-

plies $49.90; National Association

for Music Education Technology

Software $304.00; National FFA

Organization Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $153.00; NCA Supplies

$130.00; NCS Pearson Inc Sup-

plies $102.50; NCSANebraska

Council of School Admin Dues and

Fees $4,115.00; NDE Early Child-

hood Training Center Travel

$20.00; Nebraska FCCLA Dues and

Fees $30.00; Nebraska Library

Commission AudioVisual Materials

$3,420.34; Nebraska Public Power

District Electricity $69,616.14; Ne-

braska Safety Center Dues and

Fees $250.00; Nicole Peterson

Travel $17.14; Nicole Stoye Sup-

plies $38.74; NMC Group Inc Re-

pairs & Maintenance Services

$141.23; Norfolk High School Dues

and Fees $325.00; North Platte

High School Dues and Fees

$65.00; Northwestern Energy Natu-

ral Gas $19.04; NRG Media Adver-

tising $400.00; Office Depot Inc

Supplies $44.74; O'Keefe Elevator

Co Professional Services $816.40;

O'Keefe Elevator Co Repairs &

Maintenance Services $260.00;

Omaha Music Therapy LLC Pupil

Services $520.00; Omaha Perform-

ing Arts Dues and Fees $100.00;

Omaha World Herald Periodicals

$151.95; On Site Mobile Sharpen-

ing Supplies $375.75; One Source

Professional Services $1,357.00;

Paige Garringer Travel $56.29;

Paige Liess Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $46.56; PANOGOLD

Baking Co. Food $5,367.56; PC

Parts Plus, LLC Repairs & Mainte-

nance Services $5,489.01; Peak In-

terests LLC Food $3,152.00; PEP

CO, Inc. Professional Services

$1,700.00; Perry Guthery Haasa &

Gessford PC LLO Contracted Legal

Services $1,545.00; Pioneer Critical

Power Repairs & Maintenance Ser-

vices $160.65; Pioneer Square

Brands Inc. TechnologyRelated

Hardware $15,500.00; Pitsco Inc

Supplies $31.25; Plank Road Pub-

lishing Supplies $132.45; Platinum

Awards & Gifts Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $28.70; Platinum Awards

& Gifts Supplies $189.90; Platte

Valley Communications Repairs &

Maintenance Services $316.15;

Platte Valley Communications Sup-

plies $87.90; Platte Valley Commu-

nications Tires and Parts $62.77;

Prairie View Roofing & Develop-

ment LLC Repairs & Maintenance

Services $6,614.00; Prestige Ser-

vices Professional Services

$27,000.00; Project Lead The Way

Inc Supplies $497.20; Proquest

LLC Supplies $643.79; Quill Corpo-

ration Miscellaneous Expenditure

$240.78; Quill Corporation Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $94.50; Quill

Corporation Supplies $498.32; Ra-

nee Borowski Supplies $114.12;

Read Naturally Inc Technology

Software $1,909.00; Reading with

TLC Supplies $896.17; Really Good

Stuff Inc Supplies $364.38; Regal

Awards Inc Supplies $4,550.00;

Remind101, Inc. Technology Soft-

ware $14,150.00; Renaissance

Learning Inc Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $4,864.00; RevTrak Sup-

plies $19.95; Rhonda Moseley

Travel $33.58; Rick Mitchell Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $67.38; Rid-

dell Supplies $3,909.95; Riverside

Assessments, LLC Supplies

$1,586.20; Ryan Rahmann Profes-

sional Services $130.00; Sara

ChapmanGomez Miscellaneous

Expenditure $50.00; Sara Chap-

manGomez Travel $81.54; Sara

Langan Travel $32.49; Sara Langan

Travel $45.54; Sarah Brandt Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $11.20;

Sarah Cathcart Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $33.05; Sarah Plonkey

Travel $8.63; Scholastic Supplies

$177.13; Scholastic Inc. Miscella-

neous Expenditure $224.14; Scho-

lastic Inc. Supplies $3,019.19;

Scholastic Magazines Inc. Supplies

$420.26; School Mate Morris Press

Supplies $3,109.25; School Service

Inc Supplies $231.99; School Spe-

cialty Inc Supplies $3,392.04; Scott

Anderson Professional Services

$50.00; Secured Mobility LLC Se-

curity Mobility $6,190.00; Select

Sprayers & Equipment LLC Sup-

plies $114.72; Shelby Yeager Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $274.10;

Sherri Frisbie Pupil Services

$57.00; Shredding Solutions Sup-

plies $146.85; Social Studies

School Service Supplies $636.80;

Sonova USA Inc Supplies $495.00;

SpartanNash Family Fresh Sup-

plies $214.41; Springer Roofing,

Inc. Roofs $116,050.50; Stacy

Hockenberry Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $31.00; State Fire Mar-

shal Office Professional Services

$660.00; Sunbelt Rentals Rentals

of Equipment and Vehicles

$2,086.33; Super Duper Publica-

tions Supplies $19.00; Sup-

plyWorks Repairs & Maintenance

Services $190.30; SupplyWorks

Supplies $576.34; SupplyWorks

Supplies $19,703.14; Tami Buss

Supplies $99.38; Taryn Schwartz

Supplies $80.81; Teacher Created

Resources Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $7.98;l Teacher Synergy Inc

Technology Software $247.99;

Team Concepts Professional Ser-

vices $1,500.00; Ted D Downey

Professional Services $100.00; The

Big Rack Shack Supplies $23.85;

The Lampo Group Inc Supplies

$1,052.40; The Lockmobile Sup-

plies $74.40; Tiffany Wood Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $20.60; Timo-

thy Valleau Professional Services

$250.00; Todd Moritz Professional

Services $65.00; Traci Hastings

Travel $21.45; Tracy McCoy Travel

$7.88; Trade Well Pallet Inc. Sup-

plies $5,100.00; Turning Technolo-

gies, LLC Technology Software

$105.93; Unite Private Networks

LLC Purchased Service Telephone

$2,677.24; UNK Office of Financial

Aid Miscellaneous Expenditure

$150.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Advertising $379.72; US

Bank Cardmember Service Driver

License/Criminal History $100.00;

US Bank Cardmember Service

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$494.08; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$185.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$380.22; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,300.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,259.50; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$801.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Professional Services

$437.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Supplies $25.55; US Bank

Cardmember Service Supplies

$166.94; US Bank Cardmember

Service Supplies $38.02; US Bank

Cardmember Service Supplies

$312.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Supplies $533.89; US Bank

Cardmember Service Technology

Software $325.00; US Bank

Cardmember Service Travel

$975.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Travel $80.00; US Foods

Inc Food $8,630.95; USAA Dues

and Fees $400.00; USI Education &

Government Sales Supplies

$199.46; Verdis Group LLC Profes-

sional Services $1,750.00; Verizon

Wireless Flat Salary Stipends $-;

Verizon Wireless Purchased Serv-

ice Telephone $106.56; Verizon

Wireless Purchased Service Tele-

phone $51.90; Verizon Wireless

Purchased Service Telephone

$36.44; Verizon Wireless Pur-

chased Service Telephone $18.22;

Verizon Wireless Purchased Serv-

ice Telephone $36.44; Verizon

Wireless Purchased Service Tele-

phone $86.77; Verizon Wireless

Purchased Service Telephone

$18.22; Verizon Wireless Pur-

chased Service Telephone $18.22;

Verizon Wireless Purchased Serv-

ice Telephone $18.22; Verizon

Wireless Purchased Service Tele-

phone $18.22; Verizon Wireless

Purchased Service Telephone

$18.22; Verizon Wireless Pur-

chased Service Telephone $63.48;

Verizon Wireless Purchased Serv-

ice Telephone $18.22; Verizon

Wireless Purchased Service Tele-

phone $188.26; Virco Inc Miscella-

neous Expenditure $8,802.14; Vo-

cabulary Spelling City Supplies

$97.20; W.T. Cox Subscriptions

Periodicals $75.32; Walmart Com-

munity BRC Supplies $4,484.25;

Will Richter Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $700.00; William V

MacGill & Co Supplies $68.95;

Worthington Direct Supplies

$714.16; Yandas Music Technolo-

gyRelated Hardware $15,133.43;

Zearn Inc. Technology Software







All Makes Building Acquitions

and Improvements $14,406.73;

Bamford Inc Building Acquitions

and Improvements $5,237.00; BD

Construction Building Acquitions

and Improvements $973,865.33;

BluePath Finance FC LLC Building

Acquitions and Improvements

$41,738.66; Dave Waggoner

Plumbing & Heating Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements

$9,700.00; Made in the Shade

Blinds & More Building Acquitions

and Improvements $3,840.00; Spe-

cialized Air & Hydronic Balancing

Building Acquitions and Improve-

ments $22,450.00; TC Ceilings Inc

Building Acquitions and Improve-

ments $3,150.00; Tiffin Scenic Stu-

dios, Inc Building Acquitions and

Improvements $110.00; Trane

Building Acquitions and Improve-

ments $97,906.24; WILKINS Archi-

tectureDesignPlanning Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements

$2,173.48; WILKINS Architec-

tureDesignPlanning Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements

$17,602.65; WILKINS Architec-

tureDesignPlanning Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements


ZNEZ S17,t1










the regular meetings of the Buffalo

County Board of Commissioners

and the Buffalo County Board of

Equalization will be held on Tues-

day, September 22, 2020 at the

Buffalo County Board of Commis-

sioners Board Room located at

1512 Central Ave., Kearney, Ne-


Said meetings will be open to the

public. The Buffalo County Board

of Commissioners meeting will

begin at 9:00 A.M. and the Buffalo

County Board of Equalization

meeting will begin at 9:30 A.M. A

list of the organizations seeking tax

exemptions, descriptions of the

property and official recommenda-

tions are available in the office of

the County Assessor and/or

County Treasurer.

Accommodations for the disa-

bled are available upon request.

Please contact the ADA Coordina-

tor at 308-236-1224 at least 48

hours prior to the meeting if ac-

commodations are required.

Agendas for said meetings are

kept continuously current at the of-

fice of the Buffalo County Clerk,

but may be modified up to 24 hours

prior to said meetings.


Janice I. Giffin,

Buffalo County Clerk

ZNEZ S17,t1






AT 7:00 P.M.





Notice of the meeting was given

in advance by posting in three pub-

lic places, a designated method of

giving notice. Notice of Budget

Hearing was published in the Kear-

ney Hub. Notice of the meeting

and a copy of their acknowledg-

ment of the receipt of the agenda

were communicated in advance

and in the notice to the

Chairperson and Board of Trustees

of this meeting. A true, correct

and complete copy of said Ordi-

nance and Resolution can be

viewed at the Village Office during

regular business hours. All pro-

ceedings were taken while the con-

vened meeting was open to the All

proceedings were taken while the

convened meeting was open to the

attendance of the public.

The following Trustees were

present at the meeting: Michael

Stubbs, Mike Tracy, Zack Rasmus-

sen Candi Lewis, Ted Eichholz Also

present: Leora Hofmann, Pat Epley,

Janet Rowling & Tobin Buchanan

The meeting was called to order

by Stubbs at 7:02 p.m.

Stubbs announced to all present

that the Open Meeting Laws are

posted in the Community Center.

Eichholz moved and Tracy se-

conded the approval of minutes,

claims, employee hours, treasurer's

report, and bank statement on the

consent agenda. Yes: Eichholz,

Tracy, Rasmussen, Lewis & Stubbs

Absent: none No: none MC

Tracy moved and Eichholz se-

conded to renew PC Cemetery CD

# 48311 for the 18 month special

rate. Yes: Tracy, Eichholz, Lewis,

Rasmussen & Stubbs Absent: none

No: none MC

Claims to be paid: General

Fund- $107,093.67, Street Fund-

$3,515.43 Water Fund-

$297,933.41 Sewer Fund-

$6,850.41 Cemetery

Fund-$45,149.19, Gross payroll

$7,241.36 IRS taxes $1,862.88 NE

Dept Rev-Sales Tax $897.20 Intuit-

Payroll $6.39 Dawson Public

Power- electricity $2,115.48 Black-

Hills Energy-natural gas -$61.90

Buffalo Co. Hwy-sup $165.00 Buf-

falo Co. Sheriff-contract $147.29

Frontier-telephone $114.25 &

$63.41 Hand Machining-UPS water

tests $20.94 Jacobsen Orr-legal

$283.50 Kearney Hub-publish

$64.29 League of NE Muni-Utilities

dues $397.00 Menards-sup $80.98

Miller & Assoc-floodplain $1,379.00

Ne Dept of Rev-recycle fees $25.00

Nichols Repair-battery,oil $233.59

NE Public Health Lab-testing

$15.00 NMPP-utility cards $123.30

Post Office-stamps $70.00 State

Treas of NE-Dog License $62.47

Pleasanton Irrig.-supplies $8.50

Quill-supplies $154.59 Ravenna

Sanitation-Waste Haul $84.00 &

$2,089.00 Trotter Service-fuel

$369.78 Trotter Fertilizer-$57.17

Verizon-cell $95.93 Cemetery

Fund: Trotters Service-fuel $11.01

xfers as per budget:General

$100,000.00 & $200.00 Water Fund

$5,000.00, $219,923.20 $68,558.86

Sewer Fund $5,000.00 Cemetery

Fund $44,867.94

Tobin Buchanan with First Na-

tional Capital Markets was present

to discuss bonding for the streets

to be redone. Discussion also in-

cluded Janet Rowling on the

budget side of funds for the street

work. Discussion was held on the

low interest rates and the budget

which would make this a good time

to start the process for funding the

street work to be done. Lewis

moved and Rasmussen seconded

to have Tobin start the process of

preparing documents necessary up

to a 1,000,000.00 bond. The docu-

ments will then be in place when it

is decided which streets will get

worked on. Yes: Lewis, Rasmus-

sen, Tracy, Eichholz & Stubbs Ab-

sent: none No: none MC

Chairperson Stubbs opened the

Budget Hearing for the Proposed

Fiscal year 2020-2021 and the

Hearing to set the final tax request

at 8:30 p.m.

After discussion on the budget,

Chairperson Stubbs closed the

hearing at 8:40 p.m.

It was moved by Eichholz and se-

conded by Tracy to approve the

one percent increase in the

2019-2020 funds subject to restric-

tion. Yes: Eichholz, Tracy, Ras-

mussen, Lewis, & Stubbs Absent:

none No: none MC

Rasmussen introduced Ordi-

nance No. 2020-O-8 entitled:

An ordinance to adopt the budget

statement to be termed the annual

appropriation bill; to appropriate

sums for necessary expenses and

liabilities; to provide for an effective


It was moved by Tracy and se-

conded by Lewis that the statutory

rule requiring that the Ordinance be

read by title on three different days

be suspended. Yes: Tracy, Lewis,

Rasmussen, Eichholz & Stubbs.

Absent: none No: None. MC

The Chairman declared the mo-

tion carried and said statutory rules


Thereupon the Chairman de-

clared said Ordinance No.

2020-O-8 was read by title and it

was moved by Rasmussen

and seconded by Eichholz that Or-

dinance 2020-O-8 be passed and

adopted. The Chairman stated that

the question was: "Shall Ordinance

No. 2020-O-8 be passed and

adopted?" Yes: Rasmussen,

Eichholz, Tracy, Lewis, & Stubbs

Absent: none No: None. MC

Thereupon the Chairman de-

clared said Ordinance No.

2020-O-8 duly passed and


A motion was made by Lewis and

seconded by Tracy to approve

Resolution 2020-R-5 setting the

Levy for the Budget 2020-2021.

Yes: Lewis, Tracy, Rasmussen,

Eichholz & Stubbs Absent: none

No: None. MC

Tracy moved and Lewis se-

conded the approval of Resolution

2020-R-6, Municipal Annual Certifi-

cation of the Program Compliance

Form 2020, Nebraska Board of

Public Roads Classifications and

Standards. Yes: Tracy, Lewis,

Eichholz, Rasmussen & Stubbs Ab-

sent: none No: none MC

Discussion was held on Zone

compliance permit for Robert Royle

at 301 N Willow. Lewis moved and

Tracy seconded the approval of the

permit. Yes: Lewis, Tracy,

Eichholz, Rasmussen & Stubbs Ab-

sent: none No: none MC

Discussion was held on the fence

put up at a residence. Clerk was

instructed to send a letter to those

involved approving the fence as is

because the language on the per-

mit and in the ordinance's need to

be updated to read the same. The

clerk was also instructed to have a

new ordinance ready for the Octo-

ber meeting.

Pat gave the maintenance report.

Leora reported on delinquent

Utility bills.

With no other business to dis-

cuss, Stubbs adjourned the meet-

ing at 8:50 p.m.

ZNEZ S17,t1


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