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Legal notices: October 3, 2020

Legal notices: October 3, 2020


Board Meeting Notification

Educational Service Unit No. 10

The regular monthly meeting of

the governing board of Educational

Service Unit 10 will be held on

Monday, October 19, 2020, at 3:30

PM at ESU 10, 76 Plaza Blvd.,

Kearney, Nebraska. An agenda

kept continuously current is on file

at the office of the Administrator of

ESU 10 in Kearney.

ZNEZ O3,1t


Statement of Ownership,

Management and Circulation


1A. Title of Publication: Kearney



2. Date of Filing: 9/15/20

3. Frequency of Issue: Daily; ex-

cept Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of

July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and

Christmas Day.

3A. No. of Issues Published An-

nually: 312

3B. Annual Subscription Price:

$240.00 carrier delivered (Average)

4. Complete Mailing Address of

Known Office of Publication: PO

Box 1988, 13 East 22nd St., Kear-

ney (Buffalo County), Nebraska


5. Complete Mailing Address of

Headquarters of General Business

Offices of the Publishers: PO Box

1988, 13 East 22nd St., Kearney

(Buffalo County), Nebraska


6. Full Names and Complete

Mailing Address of Publishers, Edi-

tor and Managing Editor: Shon Bar-

enklau, PO Box 1988, Kearney, NE

68848 Publisher: Terrie Baker, 422

West First St., Grand Island, NE


7. Owner:

LEE BHM CORP is owned


4600 E 53rd Street

Davenport, IA 52807-3479

8. Known Bondholders, Mortga-

gees and Other Security Holders

Owning or Holding 1 Percent or

More of Total Amount of Bonds,

Mortgages or Other Securities:


9. For Completion by Nonprofit

Organizations Authorized to Mail at

Special Rates. The purpose, func-

tion and non-profit status of this or-

ganization and the exempt status

for Federal Income Tax purposes

has not changed in the last 12


10. Extent and Nature of Circula-


Average No. Actual No.

Copies Each Copies of

Issues During Single Issue

Preceding 12 Published

Months Nearest to

Filing Date

A. Total No. Copies

(Net Press Run)

5,748 5,318

B. Paid and/or Request Circula-


1. Sales through dealers and car-

riers, street vendors and counter


4,440 3,928

2. Mail subscription

878 988

C. Total Paid and/or requested


5,318 4,916

D. Free Distribution by Mail, Car-

rier or Other Means, Samples,

Complimentary and Other Free


33 22

E. Total Distribution

5,351 4,938

F. Copies Not Distributed

Office use, left over, unac-

counted, spoiled after printing

397 380


5,748 5,318

11. I certify that the statements

made by me above are correct and


Terrie Baker, Publisher

ZNEZ O3,t1



Public notice is hereby given that

Buffalo County, Nebraska invites

sealed bids for furnishing neces-

sary equipment, labor, materials

and incidentals to complete Nav-

aho Road Concrete Surfacing.

Sealed bids will be received by the

Buffalo County Board of Commis-

sioners, P.O. Box 1270, Kearney,

NE 68848 until 10:00 am local time

on October 13, 2020. Sealed bids

will then be publicly opened and

read aloud.

Scope of Work: Project in-

cludes traffic control, earthwork,

removal of existing pavement, 37

stations of cold milling, 9,872

square yards concrete surfacing of

existing bituminous roadway, 1,700

square yards concrete pavement

on prepared subgrade and associ-

ated work.

Bids shall be submitted to: Ms.

Janice Giffin, P.O. Box 1270, Kear-

ney, NE 68848. Designate project

name on the envelope.

Bids shall include: Bid Bond in

the amount of 5% of the total base

bid. Certified check, cashier's

check or bid bond made payable to


Selected bidder shall supply:

Performance Bond and Payment

Bond in the amount of 100% of the

total base bid.

Considerations: Contract docu-

ments can be obtained by contact-

ing Oak Creek Engineering, (308)

455-1152. Contract documents

must be purchased in hard copy,

requiring a nonrefundable fee of

$50.00. Bids shall be submitted on

furnished forms, sealed and

marked with bidder contact infor-

mation. Alternates are not being

considered. Owner reserves the

right to reject any or all bids, hold

bids for 30 days and select most

beneficial bid

ZNEZ S26,O3,O10



) SS:


Notice is hereby given that by vir-

tue of a Writ of Execution issued by

Sharon Mauler, Clerk of the Buffalo

County District Court, in an action


PROPERTY is Plaintiff and LA-

DONNA LAMMERS is Defendant,

Case CI19-327, the following de-

scribed REAL ESTATE owned by


ment Debtor, has been levied upon:

(1) Lot 7 and the South 18 feet

of Lot 8, Block 5,

2nd Addition to Ravenna,

Buffalo County, Nebraska


and will be offered for sale to the

highest bidder for cash subject to

prior encumbrances.

Said sale to be held at 9:00 o'cl-

ock a.m. on the 8th day of October,

2020 at the central lobby of the

Buffalo County Courthouse, 1512

Central Ave. City of Kearney, Buf-

falo County, Nebraska.

Said sale to be held open

one-half hour.

Cash or certificate of credit due

at beginning of sale for bid to be


Purchaser is required to pay 15%

in cash or certified funds to the

Sheriff's Office no later than 4:00

P.M. the day of the sale.

Dated this 8th day of September,


Neil A. Miller

Buffalo County Sheriff

Jake L. Valentine, Deputy

ZNEZ S12,19,26,O3


Kearney, Nebraska

September 22, 2020


With the absence of a minister,

the Council held a moment of si-

lence. The Kearney Volunteer Fire

Department Honor Guard led the

Council Members and audience in

the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor

Clouse announced that in accord-

ance with Section 84-1412 of the

Nebraska Revised Statutes, a cur-

rent copy of the Open Meetings Act

is available for review and is posted

on the wall of the Council Cham-

bers. Stanley A. Clouse, President

of the Council, called a regular

meeting of the City Council to order

on September 22, 2020 at 5:30

p.m. with the following Council

Members responding to roll call:

Randy Buschkoetter and Tami

James Moore. Absent: Bruce Lear

and Jonathan Nikkila. City Clerk re-

corded the minutes. Administrative

personnel were also present. No-

tice of the meeting had been given

according to law.

Mayor and Council oversaw the

Pinning Ceremony for the Kearney

Volunteer Fire Department for

Newly Elected Officers and Recog-

nition of New Board Members.

There was no Unfinished Busi-


Public Hearings:

There were no public hearings.

Consent Agenda:

By majority vote, Lear and

Nikkila, the following items were


1. Minutes of Regular Meeting

held September 8, 2020.

2. C L A I M S

PS - Personnel Services

SMCS - Supplies, Materials &

Contractual Services

ER - Equipment Rental

CO - Capital Outlay

DS - Debt Service

5.11 $1,932.15 smcs; 4imprint

$302.56 smcs;

$1,143.49 smcs; 911 Custom

$122.97 smcs; Abos $49.00 smcs;

AccessData Group $1,259.44

smcs; ACFE $294.00 smcs; cme

Tools $204.97 smcs; Action Tar-

gets $1,070.20 smcs; Acushnet

$434.45 smcs; Adobe $29.99

smcs; Agri Coop $1,382.82 smcs;

AICPA $285.00 smcs; Aircraft

Spruce $918.47 smcs; Airdata

$240.00 smcs; Albrecht,B $190.91

smcs; Alfred Benesch $3,637.62

co; All Makes Auto $3,390.45

smcs; Allied Electronics $931.88

smcs; Altec $123.26 smcs; Alvine &

Associates $618.66 co; Amazon

$6,513.25 smcs,co; American

$516.08 smcs; American Com-

pactor $253.00 smcs; American

Flagpole $128.95 smcs; American

Public Works $1,050.00 smcs;

Anautm Geomobile $8,511.00

smcs; Andersen Wrecking $37.45

smcs; ndersen,J $195.79 smcs;

Anything Truck $366.00 smcs; Ap-

ple $0.99 smcs; Apple Roofing

$7,271.07 smcs; Aramark Uniform

$401.16 smcs; Arbor Day Founda-

tion $35.00 smcs; Arp,D $190.91

smcs; Ask Supply $1,667.20 smcs;

Associated Bag Co. $1,258.99

smcs; Aurora Coop $50.56 smcs;

Aussie Hydraulics $459.60 smcs;

Author Klovegreen $149.80 smcs;

Auto Value $414.65 smcs; B&H

Photo $76.74 co; Baker & Taylor

$9,599.48 smcs; Ballard $100.98

smcs; Barco Municipal $3,231.08

smcs; Bartels,M $55.45 smcs;

Bassco Services $10,000.00 co;

Battery Guy $70.20 smcs; Baxter,T

$58.64 smcs; Beacon Athletics

$1,686.80 smcs; Becker,J $249.55

smcs; Bielenberg,R $190.91 smcs;

Bill31cmh $850.00 smcs; Bizco

Technologies $480.00 smcs;

Blackstone $265.27 smcs; Blessing

$5,756.00 smcs; Blue 26 Security

$2,300.00 ps; Bluecross Blueshield

$252,631.45 smcs; Board Tronics

$782.08 smcs; Book Page $882.00

smcs; Bosselman $20,114.30

smcs; Bosshammer,S $190.91

smcs; Bowman,C $58.64 smcs;

Bowman,M $145.45 smcs; Bpad

Group $250.00 smcs; Brehmer,R

$38.18 smcs; Brierton Engineering

$422.39 smcs; BSK Holdings

$41.98 smcs; Buckle $400.00

smcs; Buffalo Co. Attorney

$18,750.00 smcs; Buffalo Co.

Treasurer $1,553.49 smcs,co; Buf-

falo Outdoor Power $257.93 smcs;

Buffalo Wild Wings $50.00 smcs;

Builders $2,362.26 smcs; C&C

Manufacturing $2,449.74 smcs;

Cab Store $19.99 smcs; Calibre

Press $2,000.00 smcs; Camera

Doctor $506.90 smcs; Carroll,E

$13.96 smcs; Casey's $6.71 smcs;

Cash Wa $1,821.25 smcs; Center

for Psychological $66.76 smcs;

Center Point Publishing $75.96

smcs; Central Hydraulic $343.53

smcs; Central NE Bobcat $96.95

smcs; Central Platte Natural $50.00

smcs; Charter $69.98 smcs;

Chemsearch $307.00 smcs; Ches-

terman $769.00 smcs; Cintas

$302.72 smcs; City of Krny

$28,093.83 smcs,ps; City Plumbing

$1,497.73 smcs; Clark,D $38.18

smcs; CNA Surety $120.00 smcs;

Coffman,R $190.91 smcs; Cold

Spring Granite $478.80 smcs;

Comcate $2,277.12 smcs; Com-

mercial Rec. Spec. $259.66 smcs;

Conoco $20.50 smcs; Construction

Rental $640.32 smcs; Control

Yours $252.70 smcs; Cook,K

$32.00 smcs; Copycat Printing

$621.80 smcs,co; Core & Main

$2,409.56 smcs; Cornhusker

Cleaning $303.54 smcs; Credit

Mgmt. Services $95.61 ps; Cricut

$101.58 smcs; Crocker,B $58.64

smcs; Culligan $322.50 smcs;

Cummins $1,357.83 smcs; Cun-

ningham's $60.00 smcs; Danko

Emergency $12,396.35 smcs; Da-

vis Equipment $456.19 smcs; Da-

vis,T $17.06 smcs; Davis,W $87.50

smcs; Dawson Public Power

$50,927.23 smcs; Daylight Donuts

$190.90 smcs; Dell $14,126.27 co;

Demco $932.74 smcs; Denny,D

$58.64 smcs; Derr,M $21.21 smcs;

Deterdings $6,326.79 smcs; Dillons

Fuel $17.71 smcs; Disc Magic

$242.85 smcs; Dish $217.12 smcs;

Dmilaco $485.52 smcs; Dollar Gen-

eral $10.17 smcs; Dr. Brad Rodg-

ers $250.00 smcs; Dreams Time

$25.00 smcs; Drozd, Andy $190.91

smcs; Duluth Trading $357.60

smcs; Eagle Distributing $2,245.00

smcs; Eakes $2,143.45 smcs; Echo

Electric $767.72 smcs; Ecolab

$80.26 smcs; Ed Broadfoot & Sons

$1,056.00 smcs; Ehrlich $57.00

smcs; Elsen,D $25.45 smcs; Else-

n,R $55.45 smcs; EMC Insurance

$5,828.12 smcs; Ensley Electrical

$41,471.20 smcs,co; Enterprise

$284.41 smcs; Enterprise Electric

$26,633.00 smcs; Etsy $333.84

smcs; Eustis Body Shop $100.00

smcs; Eyemed $1,241.02 smcs;

Facebook $60.25 smcs; Family

Fresh $37.61 smcs; Family Practice

$918.00 ps; Fastenal $499.86

smcs; Fiero Automation $104.07

smcs; Fire Safety Education

$218.00 smcs; First Care Medical

$127.00 smcs; Flagpoles $677.00

smcs; Fremstad,M $30.92 smcs;

Friesen Chevrolet $59.81 smcs;

Frontier $7,502.05 smcs; Gale

$1,265.17 smcs; Gammon Techni-

cal $1,433.55 smcs; Garrett Tires

$12,450.33 smcs; GI Physical Ther-

apy $90.00 ps; Glass Doctor

$30.03 smcs; Global Leadership

$149.00 smcs; Goodner,L $145.45

smcs; Graham Tire $1,088.00

smcs; Grainger $1,300.03 smcs;

Greater NE Cities $1,000.00 smcs; $49.01 smcs;

Hach $840.17 smcs; Hampton Inn

$815.40 smcs; Hansen,B $4.44

smcs; Harrison,R $2.73 smcs;

Hauschild,J $55.45 smcs; Heart-

land Refrigeration $358.10 smcs;

Heater,M $145.45 smcs; Hillburn,K

$22.63 smcs; Hireright $17.32

smcs; Hobby-Lobby $422.05

smcs; Holmes Plumbing $368.58

smcs; Home Depot $3,479.02

smcs; Horner,J $145.45 smcs;

Hunter Central $109.00 smcs; Hy--

Vee $146.00 smcs; IACP $50.00

smcs; IAEI $140.00 smcs; ICMA

$6,888.84 ps; In the Line of Duty

$100.00 smcs; Integrated Security

$488.30 smcs;

$5.00 smcs; IRS $172,334.86 ps;

Island Supply $2,521.46 smcs;

Jack Lederman $81.72 smcs;

Jack's Uniforms $14,170.75 smcs;

Jackson Service $289.98 smcs;

JMAC Supply $647.33 smcs; John-

son Controls $163.05 smcs; John-

son,B $200.00 smcs; Johnstone

Supply $134.05 smcs; Kantaras,M

$145.45 smcs; Krny Ace $508.92

smcs,co; Krny Animal Shelter

$10,000.00 smcs; Krny Concrete

$29,563.72 smcs,co; Krny Crete &

Block $2,090.24 smcs,co; Krny

Hub $1,892.82 smcs; Krny Public

Schools $50.00 smcs; Krny Quality

Sew $10.69 smcs; Krny Regional

Medical $700.76 smcs; Krny Tire

$1,324.04 smcs; Krny Towing

$650.00 smcs; Krny Visitors Bureau

$75,945.85 smcs; Krny Warehouse

$2,121.12 smcs; Krny Winlectric

$1,960.20 smcs; Krny Winnelson

$3,339.11 smcs; Kelly Supply

$718.33 smcs; Kershner,K $55.45

smcs; Kimball Midwest $348.79

smcs; Kings III Emergency $480.06

smcs; Knaggs Construction $14.90

smcs; Knox Company $4,503.05

smcs; Kohls $9.62 smcs; Kolling,T

$145.45 smcs; Kommers,P $38.18

smcs; Konica Minolta $1,721.34

smcs; Kost,D $190.91 smcs; Land-

mark Implement $1,199.54 smcs;

Language Line $8.01 smcs; Larry's

Pistol and Pawn $575.00 smcs;

Lawson Products $383.35 smcs;

LCL Truck $25,510.00 co; Leeds,B

$145.45 smcs; Lockmobile $5.90

smcs; Lundeen-Isaacson $3,166.80

ps; Mac Tools $2,269.98 smcs;

Macqueen Equipment $272,821.35

smcs,co; Magic Cleaning $400.00

smcs; Magic Wand $6,063.99

smcs; Maline,S $58.64 smcs; Ma-

lone,S $58.64 smcs; Marlatt Ma-

chine $738.08 smcs; Marriott

$697.60 smcs; Masters True Value

$887.70 smcs,co; Matheson

$92.77 smcs; May,D $145.45

smcs; Mcdowell,P $22.26 smcs;

Medic Batteries $87.75 smcs;

Mellen,D $4,000.00 smcs; Menards

$2,884.41 smcs,co; Microfilm Im-

aging $1,419.04 smcs; Microsoft

Store $211.88 smcs; Mid American

Signal $15,000.00 smcs; Mid-State

Eng. & Testing $290.00 co; Mid-

west Connect $1,343.63 smcs;

Midwest Turf $264.04 smcs; Miller

& Associates $8,307.85 co; Miller

Signs $450.00 smcs; Miller,R

$55.45 smcs; Mirror Image $393.68

smcs; Mitchell1 $1,728.00 smcs;

Mobile Pro Shop $2,329.21 smcs;

Modern Office $199.00 smcs;

Moonlight Embroidery $1,363.00

smcs; Municipal Supply $17,252.17

smcs; Murphy Tractor $138.58

smcs; Nat'l Alliance Youth Sports

$20.00 smcs; Nat'l Petroleum

$1,028.51 smcs; Nat'l Technical

$50.00 smcs; NE Child Support

Pyt. Ctr. $1,784.82 ps; NE Dept.

Environmental $7,500.00 smcs; NE

Dept. Revenue $79,501.21 smcs;

NE Machinery $10,270.73 smcs;

NE Peterbilt $512.40 smcs; NE

State Treasurer $1,021.64 smcs;

NE Truck Center $1,118.53 smcs;

NFPA $94.10 smcs; NI SFM Boiler

$162.00 smcs; Nielsen Contracting

$40,189.35 co; Niemann,D $38.18

smcs; Northern Safety $128.52

smcs; Northern tool $1,223.00

smcs; Northgate Vet Clinic $45.00

smcs; Northwest Electric

$10,431.30 smcs; Northwestern

Energy $2,211.85 smcs; Nova Fit-

ness $6,562.61 ps; NRG Media

$410.00 smcs; Nutrien Ag $422.09

smcs; Nuttelman Fencing

$10,526.60 smcs; Oak Creek Engi-

neering $3,620.50 co; OCLC

$764.46 smcs; Officemax

$1,329.51 smcs; Officenet $248.36

smcs; Olson,S $190.91 smcs;

Omaha Airport $48.00 smcs; One

Call Concepts $415.38 smcs;

O'Reilly Auto Parts $3,032.94

smcs; Orscheln $521.73 smcs;

Overdrive $5,200.00 smcs; Over-

head Door $8,312.00 smcs; Para-

mount $67.84 smcs; Penworthy

$662.15 smcs; Petersen,C $145.45

smcs; Petsmart $199.96 smcs; Pio-

neer Industrial $6,216.00 smcs; Pi-

oneer Manufacturing $881.25

smcs; Pitney Bowes $1,060.00

smcs; Platinum Awards $159.05

smcs; Platt Electric $539.49 smcs;

Platte Valley Auto $977.17 smcs;

Platte Valley Comm. $9,066.67

smcs,co; Positive Promotions

$502.00 smcs; Postermywall

$29.95 smcs; Power DMS

$7,322.48 smcs; Prestige $307.92

smcs; Presto-X $281.00 smcs; Pro

Dryers $900.00 smcs; Provantage

$1,440.72 smcs; Pump & Pantry

$90.77 smcs; Purdy,C $58.64

smcs; Purdy,R $58.64 smcs; Quill

$1,403.12 smcs; Rain Bird $707.10

co; Ravenna Sanitation $139.05

smcs; RDG Planning $18,571.71

co; Ready Mixed Concrete

$9,896.57 co; Reams $2,171.89

smcs; Recorded Books $172.64

smcs; Reiss,T $20.36 smcs;

Renner,T $130.00 smcs;

Rewinkle,A $58.64 smcs; Reynolds

Farm $61.84 smcs; Roll N Rack

$8,610.00 smcs; Rouse,H $100.00

smcs; Rugged Notebooks $57.68

smcs; Russells Appliance

$1,000.00 smcs; Safety Products

$82.81 smcs; Saldivar,R $145.45

smcs; Samsung Parts $103.61 co;

Sandry Fire $8,672.51 smcs; Sani-

tation Products $239.27 smcs;

Sayler Screenprinting $52.24 smcs;

Schoening,W $55.45 smcs; School

District #7 $6,102.20 smcs; Schu-

macher Bros. $2,405.00 smcs; See

Clear Cleaning $2,525.75 smcs;

Senior Learn $30.00 smcs; Shada,T

$55.45 smcs; Shafer,M $38.18

smcs; Shell Oil $12.75 smcs; Sher-

win Williams $178.20 co; Show-

cases $1,630.80 smcs; Shredding

Solutions $45.00 smcs; Sign Cen-

ter $860.27 smcs; Silver State Con-

sulting $230.00 smcs; Silverstone

Group $5,155.92 smcs; Siteone

Landscape $825.31 smcs; SOS

Portable $235.00 smcs; Spectrum

$858.95 smcs; Sporting Edge

$79.96 smcs; Sprinkler Warehouse

$1,259.48 smcs,co; Star Homes

$50.13 smcs; Steinbrink's

$97,806.58 smcs,co; Stutsman

$1,647.00 smcs; Suburban Fire

$29,059.08 smcs,ps; Sunbelt Rent-

als $27.11 smcs,co; Superion

$640.00 smcs; Superior Signals

$1,749.24 smcs;

$126.75 smcs; Supthen $2,600.00

smcs; Suzuki,R $145.45 smcs; Tar-

get $48.06 smcs; Thermo Web

$283.49 smcs; Thorell,R $38.90

smcs; Tielke's $192.29 smcs; Titan

Machinery $1,205.16 smcs; Tractor

Supply $2,038.80 smcs; Transun-

ion $114.00 smcs; Tri-Co Glass

$116.50 smcs; Turfwerks $2,989.58

smcs; Ty's Outdoor $379.27 smcs;

Uline $556.26 smcs; Ullman,M

$145.45 smcs; Union Bank & Trust

$91,091.61 smcs,ps; Unique Mgmt.

$134.25 smcs; UPS $20.86 smcs;

USA Comm. $202.78 smcs; USPS

$891.40 smcs; Valley Forklift

$1,021.16 smcs; Van Diest $717.71

smcs; Village Payment $57.21

smcs; Vinzenz,J $145.45 smcs;

Volaire Aviation $2,000.00 smcs;

Vulcan Signs $3,731.88 smcs; VVS

$87.18 smcs; Wall,W $145.45

smcs; Wallwey,G $400.00 smcs;

Wal-mart $2,584.30 smcs; Walters

Electric $1,188.02 smcs; Watch-

guard Video $342.41 smcs; Weav-

er,N $38.24 smcs; Webstaurant

Store $98.10 smcs; Westech Fuel

$335.99 smcs; Whalen,S $320.00

smcs; Wheeler,J $100.00 smcs;

Wilco Life $10.00 smcs; Wilson,B

$55.45 smcs; Windham Weaponry

$138.70 smcs; indy Prairie Sys-

tems $1,500.00 smcs; WPCI

$412.50 smcs; Yant Equipment

$3,783.41 smcs; Zeman,D $200.00

smcs; Zero Waster $946.65 smcs;

Zoro Tools $147.96 smcs; Payroll

Ending 09/12/2020 -- $515,437.60.

The foregoing schedule of claims is

published in accordance with Sec-

tion 19-1102 of the Revised Stat-

utes of Nebraska, and is published

at an expense of $171.00 to the

City of Kearney.

3. Receive recommendations of

Planning Commission and set Oc-

tober 13, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. as date

and time for hearing on those appli-

cations where applicable.

4. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-145 approving Change Order

No. 1 showing an increase in the

amount of $13,600 as submitted by

Safe Slide Restoration for the res-

toration of the Harmon Park Pool


5. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-146 approving the following

T-Hangar Lease Agreements at the

Kearney Regional Airport: Flying

Warriors, LLC, JD Air LLC, Buck

Enterprises dba Thrifty Car Rental,

Central Nebraska Spinal Surgery

Center, P.C./David Alvarado

Benavides, Lorin Downing and

Kaufmann Center, LLC.

6. Approve the Amended Devel-

oper Agreement for Hoehner Es-

tates Third Addition, Lots 2, 3, & 4,

Block Two between the City of

Kearney and Kyle and Michelle

Hoehner and Christopher and

Sarah Hoehner in connection with

Water Connection District 2011-1

and Sanitary Sewer Connection

District 2011-1 and adopt Resolu-

tion No. 2020-147.

7. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-148 approving Change Order

No. 1 extending the original con-

tract completion dates to reflect a

substantial completion date of

September 15, 2020 and a final

completion date of September 30,

2020 as a result of COVID-19 and

Application for Payment No. 5 in

the amount of $53,508.69 submit-

ted by GD Concrete Construction

and approved by Miller & Associ-

ates for 2020 Sidewalk ADA Im-

provements (also known as Com-

munity Development Block Grant

funded Sidewalk Replacement

Project; Phase 2) for the project

area of 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue

and 16th Street to 22nd Street.

8. Authorize the Mayor to send

a letter of no recommendation to

the Nebraska Liquor Control Com-

mission on the manager application

for Barbara Sellers submitted by

Kearney Lodging LLC dba Ramada

Inn located at 301 2nd Avenue in

connection with their CK-096499

liquor license.

9. Accept the bids received for

the Early Grading Package for the

Community Tennis Facility and

adopt Resolution No. 2020-149

awarding the bid to Blessing Con-

struction in the amount of $82,250.

10. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-150 approving the Developer

Constructed Infrastructure Agree-

ment for Fox Creek Addition, Phase

3 between the City of Kearney and

Timothy Norwood, Member of Fox

Creek Development, LLC, a Ne-

braska Limited Liability Company

for the construction of paving,

water main, sanitary sewer main

and storm sewer for Lots 8 through

13, Block Three; Lots 2 through 7,

Block Four, all of Fox Creek, an ad-

dition to the City of Kearney, Buf-

falo County, Nebraska.

11. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-151 approving the revised

City of Kearney Personnel Manual.

Consent Agenda Ordinances:

There were no Consent Agenda


Regular Agenda:

1. Due the absences of Lear and

Nikkila and Clouse abstaining, the

Open Account Claim in the amount

of $126,359.36 to Nebraska Public

Power District was postponed to

the October 13, 2020 meeting.

By majority vote, Lear and

Nikkila absent, Council adjourned

at 5:39 p.m.







A complete text of the Minutes,

Resolutions and Ordinances are on

file in the Office of the City Clerk

and are available for public inspec-

tion during regular business hours.

ZNEZ O3,t1



Buffalo County, Nebraska


Notice is hereby given that by vir-

tue of a Writ of Execution issued by

Sharmin Gonzales, Clerk of the

Buffalo County Court, in an action


UNION is Plantiff and Corey Whit-

ney is Defendent, Case CI20-815,

the following described property

owned by COREY WHITNEY has

been levied upon

(1) 2015 Harley-Davidson FLHTP

Police Motorcycle


will be offered for sale to the high-

est bidder for cash subject to prior


Said sale to be held open

one-half hour.

Cash or certificate of credit due

at beginning of sale for bid to be


Cash or certified funds to be pain

in full by 4:00 p.m. the day of Sale.


or Buffalo County Sheriff's Office

Facebook to view photographs of

the item.

Dated this 22nd day of Septem-

ber, 2020

Neil A. Miller

Buffalo County Sheriff

Jake Valentine


NZEZ S26,O3,O10,O17



) SS:


Notice is hereby given that by

virtue of a Writ of Execution issued

by Sharon Mauler, Clerk of the Buf-

falo County District Court, in an ac-

tion where in Exchange Bank is

plaintiff and Smith Home Improve-

ments, LLC is Defendant, Case


I have levied on the following de-

scribed property of said Defendant,

Smith Home Improvements, LLC:

1. A 2015 Sharp Mfg. 20'x101",

tandem axle V-Nose cargo trailer.

2. A large assortment of con-

struction tools, supplies and hard-

ware, including but not limited to

power tools (drill/drivers, grinders,

air nailers, laser level, router, jig-

saw, skill saw, air compressor, etc.)

by Dewalt, Rockwell, Milwaukee,

etc.; hand tools, ladders, extension

cords, stilts, vacuums, saws,

hoses, levels, jacks, shovels, crow

bars, bits, blades, nails & screws,

etc. This is not an exhaustive list.


to view a sampling of photographs

of the items

to be sold in lots.

Said sale to begin at 9:00 o'clock

a.m. on October 17, 2020 at the

Buffalo County Fleet Maintenance

Facility, 321 Central Avenue, Kear-

ney, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Gates open at 08:30 a.m.

Dated this 14th day of Septem-

ber, 2020.

Neil A. Miller,

Buffalo County Sheriff

Theodore Huber, Sergeant

ZNEZ S19,26,O3,10


Buffalo County, Nebraska


Notice is hereby given that by vir-

tue of an Execution Order issued

by Sharon Mauler, Clerk of the Dis-

trict Court, in the action Larry

Paulsen vs. MG Honors LLC,


I have levied on the following de-

scribed property of said MG Hon-

ors LLC (formerly dba: Golf USA):

1) Lot 1: All contents of a

large storage unit, approximately

15'x30', housing primarily approxi-

mately 1000+ cases of stainless

steel beverage tumblers. Tumblers

are New in Box, 24 count per case,

in a variety of colors and in both 20

oz. and 30 oz. sizes. A small

amount of other assorted items in

the unit include a Dewalt miter saw,

a lawn trimmer, some shelving and

warehouse style gravity roller con-


2) Lot 2: All contents of an

enclosed cargo trailer. The con-

tents are primarily additional cases

of stainless steel beverage tum-

blers of assorted sizes and colors.

This lot does not include the trailer.

3) Lot 3: All contents of an

enclosed cargo trailer. The con-

tents consist of a very large assort-

ment of golf equipment, supplies

and related items of the former Golf

USA business, including but not

limited to: Many dozens of golf

clubs by Titlist, Ping, Mizuno, Tay-

lor Made, Calloway, Cleveland,

King Cobra, etc. including putters,

irons & drivers; Optishot Infrared

Golf Simulator; Tiger Woods golf

memorabilia shadow box display

case w/ certificate of authenticity;

dozens of brand name golf bags;

over a hundred pair of shoes, in-

cluding golf shoes, sandals, loaf-

ers, etc.; cases of golf balls; range

finders; college team themed club

head covers and divot tools; un-

assembled shafts, heads & grips;

golf gloves, a tote full of Oakley

sunglasses; plus much more; too

much to list. This lot does not in-

clude the trailer.

4) Lot 4: 2014 Forest River

16' v-nose, two axle, enclosed

cargo trailer.

5) Lot 5: 2012 Sharp Mfg. ap-

proximate 10' v-nose, single axle,

enclosed cargo trailer.

and will offer same for sale to the

highest bidders for cash subject to

prior encumbrances on October 24,


Lot #1 to be sold at Hoehner Turf

Irrigation storage building A, 1506

E. 11th Street, Kearney, NE. Door

opens at 08:15 a.m. for inspection.

Bidding opens at 08:30 a.m. and

closes at 09:00 a.m.

Lots 2-5 to be sold immediately

thereafter at the Buffalo County

Fleet Maintenance Facility impound

yard at 321 Central Avenue, Kear-

ney. Gate opens at 09:15 a.m. for

inspection. Bidding begins at

09:30 a.m. and closes at 10:00 a.m.


or Buffalo County Sheriff's Office

Facebook to view a sampling of

photographs of the items.

TERMS: All bidders must regis-

ter at sale site prior to bidding.

Suitable forms of payment include

cash, cashier's check or money or-

der. No personal checks or credit

cards accepted. Payment in full is

due by 12:00 p.m. the day of the

sale, or during business hours by

4:00 p.m. on Monday October 26,

2020. No property may be re-

moved prior to payment in full.

Contact Sergeant Ted Huber with

any questions, including the logis-

tics of picking up your purchased


Dated this 23rd day of Septem-

ber, 2020.

Neil Miller

Buffalo County Sheriff

Theodore Huber, Sergeant

ZNEZ S26,O3,O10,O17



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