Attorneys at Law






the undersigned has formed a lim-

ited liability company under the

laws of the State of Nebraska as


1. The name of the limited liability

company is Blazing K's, L.L.C.

2. The address of the principal

place of business and designated

office is 15610 115th Road, Am-

herst, NE 68812.

3. The name and address of the

registered agent is Elizabeth

Klingelhoefer, Jacobsen, Orr, Lind-

strom & Holbrook, P.C., L.L.O., 322

West 39th Street, P.O. Box 1060,

Kearney, NE 68848.

4. The limited liability company is

organized to engage in and to do

any lawful act concerning any and

all lawful businesses for which a

limited liability company may be or-

ganized under the laws of the State

of Nebraska. The Company, how-

ever, is not organized to render a

professional service.

5. The limited liability company

commenced existence on the filing

and recording of its Certificate of

Organization with the Secretary of

State on June 2, 2020 and it shall

continue perpetually.

6. The management of the limited

liability company shall be vested in

the following member:

Jared Kenney

15610 115th Road

Amherst, NE 68812

Jared Kenney, Member

ZNEZ Je20,27,Jy4


Kearney, Nebraska

June 23, 2020


The Council held a moment of si-

lence. Members of the Kearney Po-

lice Department Honor Guard led

the Council Members and audience

in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor

Clouse announced that in accord-

ance with Section 84-1412 of the

Nebraska Revised Statutes, a cur-

rent copy of the Open Meetings Act

is available for review and is posted

on the wall of the Council Cham-

bers. Stanley A. Clouse, President

of the Council, called a regular

meeting of the City Council to order

on June 23, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. with

the following Council Members re-

sponding to roll call: Randy

Buschkoetter, Bruce Lear, Tami

James Moore, and Jonathan

Nikkila. Absent: None. City Clerk

recorded the minutes. Administra-

tive personnel were also present.

Notice of the meeting had been

given according to law.

City Clerk administered the Oath

of Office to Police Officers Jared

Gerdes and Logan Miller.

Presentation of Donation from

the "We're All In This Together"

Fundraiser to the Kearney Area An-

imal Shelter and Hot Meals USA.

There was no Unfinished Busi-


Public Hearings:

1. Council, unanimously, further

postponed until July 14, 2020 the

Applications submitted by William

Diessner for B & G Investments,

LLC to vacate all of Lot 1, Lot 2,

Lot 3, the east 20 feet of Lot 4, the

east 20 feet of Lot 9, all of Lot 10,

Lot 11, Lot 12, Block 124, Second

East Lawn Addition, an addition to

the City of Kearney, Buffalo

County, Nebraska, and being lo-

cated in part of the Southwest

Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of

Section 31, Township 9 North,

Range 15 West of the 6th P.M.,

Buffalo County, Nebraska and to

rezone from District R-1, Urban

Residential Single-Family District

(Low Density) to District R-2/PD,

Urban Residential Mixed-Dens-

ity/Planned Development Overlay

District for property described as a

tract of land located in the South-

west Quarter of the Northeast

Quarter of Section 31, Township 9

North, Range 15 West of the 6th

P.M. in the City of Kearney, Buffalo

County, Nebraska (2100 East 34th


2. Council, unanimously, further

postponed until July 14, 2020 the

Application submitted by William

Diessner for B & G Investments,

LLC, for the Final Plat and Subdivi-

sion Agreement for William Estates,

an addition to the City of Kearney,

Buffalo County, Nebraska for prop-

erty described as a tract of land lo-

cated in the Southwest Quarter of

the Northeast Quarter of Section

31, Township 9 North, Range 15

West of the 6th P.M., in the City of

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska

(2100 East 34th Street).

3. Council, unanimously, further

postponed until July 14, 2020 the

Application submitted by William

Diessner for B & G Investments,

LLC, for Planned District Develop-

ment Plan Approval for the pro-

posed construction of a multi-fam-

ily development on property to be

zoned District R-2/PD, Urban Resi-

dential Mixed-Density/Planned De-

velopment Overlay District and de-

scribed as a Lots 1 and 2, Block 1,

William Estates, an addition to the

City of Kearney, Buffalo County,

Nebraska (2100 East 34th Street).

4. Council conducted and closed

the public hearing and unanimously

adopted Resolution No. 2020-87

approving the proposed acquisition

for a Drainage Easement granted

by Starostka Group Unlimited, Inc.,

a Nebraska Corporation for a tract

of land being part of Tax Lots 2 and

3 in part of the Northeast Quarter of

Section 31, Township 9 North,

Range 15 West of the 6th P.M.,

Buffalo County, Nebraska.

5. Council conducted and closed

the public hearing and unanimously

adopted Resolution No. 2020-88

approving the proposed acquisition

for a Sanitary Sewer Easement

granted by Starostka Group Unlim-

ited, Inc., a Nebraska Corporation

for a 20-foot wide sanitary sewer

easement being a tract of land be-

ing part of Tax Lot 3 in part of the

Northeast Quarter of Section 31,

Township 9 North, Range 15 West

of the 6th P.M., Buffalo County,


Consent Agenda:

By unanimous vote the following

items were approved:

1. Minutes of Regular Meeting

held June 9, 2020.

2. C L A I M S

PS - Personnel Services

SMCS - Supplies, Materials &

Contractual Services

ER - Equipment Rental

CO - Capital Outlay

DS - Debt Service

1000bulbs.com-$244.32-smcs; 4

State Trucks-$37.56-smcs;


5.11-$1,289.81 -smcs;

5Gstore-$390.00-smcs; 911 Cus-

tom-$1,049.30-smcs; Abood,K-$-

80.00-smcs; Accent Sales-

-$446.87-smcs; Ace Hard-



Acushnet-$12,161.54-smcs; Ado-

be-$29.99-smcs; Advance Auto

Parts-$173.00-smcs; Agri Co-

op-$1,242.94-smcs; Albers,J--

$185.00-smcs; Alberts,K-$-

696.00-smcs; Alfred

Benesch-$29,487.92-co; All Makes



Amax-$690.08-smcs; Ama-


Amend,A-$40.60-smcs; Ameri-

can-$249.99-smcs; Angus Burg-

ers-$30.00-smcs; Ap-

ple-$11.68-smcs; Apple Mar-

ket-$214.56-smcs; Aramark Uni-

form-$347.63-smcs; Arrow Seed-

-$293.62-smcs; Ask Sup-

ply-$2,938.99-smcs; Aurora Co-

op-$6,324.91-smcs; Aussie Hy-

draulics-$38.55-smcs; Auto Val-


AvFuel-$12,218.49-smcs; B&H

Photo-$4,362.45-co; Babl,A-$37-

0.00-smcs; Badge and Wal-

let-$157.50-smcs; Bailey,D-$-

97.00-smcs; Baird Hol-

m-$3,052.50-smcs; Baker & Tay-



Baristas-$30.00-smcs; Battery

Guy-$450.49-smcs; Baughman,J--

$160.00-smcs; Bernt,B-$-

140.00-smcs; Bernu,A-$15-

5.00-smcs; Bice,M-$160.00-smcs;

Blackstone Audio-$280.00-smcs;

Blessing-$13,356.47-smcs; Blue 26

Security-$2,800.00-co; Blue to

Gold-$149.00-smcs; BlueCross



Books Galore-$337.81-smcs;

Bosselman-$2,776.29-smcs; Bow-

er,E-$160.00-smcs; Bpad Group-

-$300.00-smcs; Brandt,D-$-

160.00-smcs; Brewster,B-$-

155.00-smcs; Broeker,S--

$170.00-smcs; Brown,C-$-

530.00-smcs; BSN Sports-

-$591.30-smcs; Bud-

d-Kleinjan,T-$18.64-smcs; Buffalo

Co. Highway Dept.-$79.67-smcs;

Buffalo Outdoor Pow-

er-$1,910.70-smcs,co; Build-

ers-$4,352.46-smcs,co; Bules,E-

-$160.00-smcs; Burkey,J--

$35.00-smcs; Can-

va-$119.40-smcs; Carbon Day Au-


Carquest-$289.63-smcs; Cash Wa-

-$973.09-smcs; Cassidy,R-$1-

55.00-smcs; Cenex-$46.00-smcs;

Central Hydraulic-$1,513.49-smcs;

Centurion Technolo-

gies-$265.00-smcs; Cepel,N-$-

370.00-smcs; Chem Search--

$307.00-smcs; Ches-


Cintas-$1,162.93-smcs; City of Ky-

-$7,873.67-smcs,co; City of Ky-

-$11,423.19-ps; City Plumb-

ing-$2,837.83-smcs; Clean Air

Concepts-$702.14-smcs; Cleaner



Clinebell,J-$80.00-smcs; CNS

Frame Displays-$4,931.81-smcs;

Cold Spring Granite-$279.30-smcs;

Commercial Recrea-

tion-$101.01-smcs; Com-

pass-$80.00-smcs; Com-

passcom-$225.00-smcs; Compute

North-$20,673.92-smcs; Construc-

tion Rental-$1,161.25-smcs,co;

Control Yours-$200.00-smcs; Cop-

ycat-$1,869.26-smcs; Country

Partners-$16,996.62-smcs; CR

Toys-$24.00-smcs; Credit Mgmt.

Services-$93.93-ps; Cullen,M-$12-

0.37-smcs; Culligan-$37.50-smcs;

Cummins-$3,318.08-smcs; Cun-

ningham,S-$155.00-smcs; Danko

Emergency-$935.22-smcs; Dan's

Plumbing-$992.28-smcs; Dar-

nell,K-$190.00-smcs; Davis Equip-

ment-$102.95-smcs; Dawson Pub-

lic Power-$27,809.42-smcs; Del-

l-$5,473.80-co; Depository


Deterdings-$361.57-smcs; Dick-


Discmagic-$549.60-smcs; Dish--

$217.12-smcs; Displays 2 Go-$-

71.26-smcs; Dolan Consult-

ing-$95.00-smcs; Dolence,J--

$190.00-smcs; Dollar Gener-

al-$59.44-smcs; Don's Hobby

Guns-$413.46-smcs; Don's Pio-

neer Uniforms-$599.38-smcs; DPC

Industries-$19,710.03-smcs; DRI

Printing-$387.93-smcs; Duff,J--

$34.08-smcs; Duncan,K-$-

12.40-smcs; Duplicator Pro-$59.-

00-co; Dynamic

Discs-$419.79-smcs; E Replace-

ments Parts-$13.82-smcs; Eagle




Ebsco Publishing-$3,935.00-smcs;

Ecolab-$80.26-smcs; Elliott Equip-

ment-$424.31-smcs; Embassy

Suites-$1,760.58-smcs; Emblem

Authority-$887.00-smcs; EMC

Insurance-$18,319.77-smcs; En-

forcement Video-$137.00-smcs;

Engineered Con-



Environmental Re-

source-$692.17-smcs; Exit


Eyemed-$1,212.98-smcs; Fas-


Fedex-$110.63-smcs; Fleicher,S--

$37.18-smcs; FLS Ban-

ners-$30.95-smcs; Focus on the

Family-$71.98-smcs; For Soap

Make-$40.11-smcs; Fort Bend Ser-

vices-$14,352.00-smcs; Foxit Soft-

ware-$166.80-co; Friesen Chevro-

let-$170.00-smcs; Fron-

tier-$7,191.31-smcs; Gale-

/Cengage Learning-$137.24-smcs;

Galeton-$648.66-smcs; Gall-

s-$112.07-ps; Gammon Techni-

cal-$1,377.41-co; Gangwish Turf--

$38.78-co; Garrett Tires--


Getac-$247.99-smcs; GI Physical

Therapy-$135.00-ps; Gibbs,R-$4-

1.54-smcs; Gillespie,C-$-

840.00-smcs; Girl Scout Serv-

ice-$105.00-smcs; Godfrey,E-

-$220.00-smcs; Godfry,S--

$470.00-smcs; Golf Course Super-

intendent-$400.00-smcs; Graham

Tire-$1,154.96-smcs; Grain-

ger-$244.62-smcs; Great Plains

Motorcycle-$521.90-smcs; Greater

NE Cities-$1,000.00-smcs;

Haas,T-$160.00-smcs; Han-

cock,D-$160.00-smcs; Hanes Gear

for Sports-$1,628.22-smcs; Har-




Hedstrom,J-$170.00-smcs; Her-

man,T-$530.00-smcs; Hilti-$353.00

-smcs; Hireright-$43.30-smcs;

HOA Solutions-$1,939.90-smcs;




Holabird Sports-$77.80-smcs; Hol-

iday Inn-$3,256.41-co; Holmes

Plumbing-$585.34-smcs; Hol-

t,J-$80.00 -smcs; Hometown Leas-

ing-$725.92-smcs; Horton,M-$70-

.00-smcs; Hotsy Equip-

ment-$910.41-smcs; Hunt,K-$-

160.00-smcs; Hurde,C-$-

2.41-smcs; Hydro Optimiza-

tion-$259.28-smcs; Hyperikon LED

Lighting-$286.93-smcs; Hy-vee-

-$17.85-smcs; Ibach,T-$75-

.00-smcs; ICMA-$6,841.25-ps;

Idemia Identity & Securi-

ty-$12,961.00-smcs; IES Commer-

cial-$9,000.00-co; Ink Toner Sto-

re-$44.90-smcs; Integrated Securi-

ty-$347.00-smcs; Int'l Assn. Crime

Analysts-$25.00-smcs; Invoice


IRS-$172,112.56-ps; J&A Traffic

Products-$740.00-smcs; Jack

Lederman-$662.95-smcs; Jack's



Jaixen,M-$80.00-smcs; Johnson

Service-$2,800.00-smcs; John-

stone Supply-$937.96-smcs; Juice

Stop-$30.00 -smcs; Kaslon,T-$80-

.00-smcs; Ky Ace-$98.48-smcs; Ky

Animal Shelter-$10,000.00-smcs;

Ky Chamber Com-

m.-$1,800.00-smcs; Ky Con-

crete-$20,370.84-smcs,co; Ky

Crete & Block-$243.11-smcs; Ky

Hub-$3,072.22-smcs; Ky Tire &

Auto-$1,266.93-smcs; Ky Tow-

ing-$1,007.50-smcs; Ky Visitors

Bureau-$2,500.00-smcs; Ky Ware-

house-$643.80-smcs; Ky

Winlectric-$12,551.20-co; Ky



Kelley,K-$17.38-smcs; Kelly Sup-

ply-$225.65-smcs; Koffler Sales-

-$143.65-smcs; Konica

Minolta-$710.00-smcs; Krepela,S--

$70.00-smcs; Landmark Imple-

ment-$26,379.28-smcs, co; Law-

son Products-$444.45-smcs; Lee-

,P-$80.00-smcs; Leibhart,C-$-

70.00-smcs; Leibhart,L-$70-

.00-smcs; Levanders Body Shop-

-$1,627.87-smcs; Lewis,J--

$155.00-smcs; Lieneman,B-$-

38.08-smcs; Lienemann,S--

$160.00-smcs; Liess,D-$-

30.27-smcs; Lincoln

Winwater-$2,230.00-smcs; Log Me

In-$991.71-smcs; Logan Contrac-

tors-$279.05-smcs; Lottman,K-$-


Luckstock-$25.00-smcs; Lynott,J--

$85.00-smcs; Mac Tool-

s-$168.29-smcs; Macqueen Equip-

ment-$2,231.34-smcs; Magic

Cleaning-$1,090.00-smcs; Marlatt


Mascoelectr-$267.06-smcs; Mas-

ters True Value-$864.38-smcs;

Matheson-$473.78-smcs; May-

o,B-$70.00-smcs; Medic Batter-

ies-$69.96-smcs; Meier,C-$-

80.00-smcs; Mellen & Associ-


Menards-$5,727.43-smcs; Mey-

er,J-$155.00-smcs; Mi-

chaels-$266.05-smcs,co; Micro-

soft-$317.82-smcs; Mid American

Signal-$1,213.33-smcs,co; Midland

Telecom-$84.95-smcs; Mid-State

Engineering-$220.00-co; Midwest

Connect-$278.69-smcs; Midwest

Turf-$1,368.81-smcs; Miller,D-$-

320.00-smcs; Mirror Im-

age-$281.84-smcs; Mohr,T-$58-

.31-smcs; Moonlight Embroider-

y-$859.75-smcs; Moonlight Horse-

shoeing-$35.00-smcs; Municipal

Supply-$17,181.92-smcs; Murphy

Tractor-$8,327.55-smcs; Mur-

phy,S-$53.09-smcs; Mutual Screw

& Supply-$153.12-smcs; Nat'l

School Resource Offic-

ers-$40.00-smcs; NCH Corp.-

-$203.35-smcs; NE Amateur Soft-

ball Assn.-$1,000.00-smcs; NE

Child Support Pyt.

Ctr.-$2,287.35-ps; NE Crane-

-$782.98-smcs; NE Dept. of Envi-

ronment-$150.00-smcs; NE Golf &

Turf-$253.89 -smcs,co; NE Golf

Assn.-$2,422.00-smcs; NE Library

Commission-$10,315.00-smcs; NE

Peterbilt-$149.34-smcs; NE

Planzone-$1,370.00-smcs; NE

Safety & Fire Equip-$90.00-smcs;

NE Truck Center-$657.35-smcs;

Nebraskaland Distributor-

s-$1,779.35-smcs; Nielsen Con-

tracting-$49,198.23-co; Northern

Safety-$384.90-smcs; Northwest-

ern Energy-$2,086.70-smcs; Nova

Fitness-$536.99-ps; Novus Wind-

shield Repair-$45.00-smcs; NRG




Odeys-$3,115.00-smcs; Office

Max-$979.44-smcs; Of-


Olsson-$4,092.41-co; Omaha's

Henry Doorly-$125.00-smcs; One

Call Concepts-$501.34-smcs; Op-

tima Scale-$250.00-smcs; O'Reilly


Orscheln-$769.77-smcs; OTC

Brands-$162.84-smcs; Otto Envi-

ronmental-$16,422.50-smcs; Over-

drive-$2,000.00-smcs; Overton

Sand & Gravel-$1,135.50-co;

Palser,L-$185.00-smcs; Para-



Penworthy-$236.15-smcs; Pep

Co.-$137.34-smcs; Perez,Y-$-

2.17-smcs; Peterson,J--


Petsmart-$383.94-smcs; Ping-

-$58.63-smcs; Pitney

Bowes-$60.00-smcs; Platinum

Awards-$378.59-smcs; Platte Val-

ley Auto-$202.43-smcs; Platte Val-

ley Laboratories-$292.50-smcs;

Positive Promo-

tions-$358.30-smcs; Post-

ermywall-$29.95-smcs; Postmas-

ter-$364.00-smcs; Presto-X-$138.-

00-smcs; Pritchard,I--

$110.00-smcs; Pro Track & Ten-

nis-$25,834.00-smcs; Public

Agency Training-$75.00-smcs;

Pump Products-$845.06-smcs;


Quizizz-$468.00-smcs; Ray Al-

len-$274.99-smcs; Ready Mixed


Reams-$1,342.07-smcs; Recorded

Books-$323.38-smcs; Resource

Mgmt.-$2,377.20-smcs; Rheome

Tree-$6,825.00-smcs; Ring-$30.0-

0-smcs,co; Rohwer,K-$-

80.00-smcs; Roll N Rack-$94.00--

smcs; RR


Ruco-$224.00-smcs; Rustic Patch-

-$64.20-smcs; S&B Heat-

ing-$191.25-smcs; S&J Construc-

tion-$14,018.00-co; Safety Kleen-

-$183.00-smcs; Safety Prod-

ucts-$43.81-smcs; Sahling

Kenworth-$81.20 -smcs; Sang,C--

$15.62-smcs; Scheibe,C-$-

64.70-smcs; Schindler Eleva-

tor-$998.28-smcs; Schlender,J--

$155.00-smcs; School District

#7-$2,780.25-smcs; Schriner,D-$-

35.00-smcs; See Clear Clean-

ing-$2,309.50-smcs; Seely,M-$17-

0.00-smcs; Shannon,L-$16-

0.00-smcs; Sherwin Wil-

liams-$565.48-smcs; Shredding

Solutions-$51.45-smcs; Sign It-

-$481.00-smcs; Silverstone Group-

-$5,155.92-smcs; Siteone Land-

scape-$1,348.16-smcs; Snap-On

Tools-$46.20-smcs; SOS Portable

Toilets-$235.00-smcs; Spec-

trum-$816.97-smcs; Sporty's Cata-

logs-$1,439.53-smcs; Sprinkler

Warehouse-$1,799.68-smcs; Stad-

ler,S-$120.00-smcs; Steinbrink's--

$16,984.22-smcs,co; Stewart,L-$-

80.00-smcs; Stieb,K-$80.00-smcs;


Stryker Sales-$409.50-smcs;

Stutsman-$4,941.00-smcs; Sunbelt

Rentals-$232.86-smcs,co; Superi-

on-$131,855.01-smcs; Supply

House-$1,062.44-smcs; Swan-

son,G-$170.00-smcs; Tall Cop

Says Stop-$64.00-smcs; Tar-

get-$128.37-smcs; Target Solu-

tions-$6,278.00-smcs; TCH Cen-

tral-$708.50-smcs; Thunderhead

Brewing-$2,000.00-smcs; Titan

Machinery-$539.00-smcs; TLO


Todco-$33,020.00-co; Tractor

Supply-$501.02-smcs; Trade Well

Pallet-$7,179.00-smcs; Transcribe

W Really-$24.00-smcs;

Trenkle,M-$70.00-smcs; Tri-Cities


Tri-Tech Nat'l Law-$293.85-smcs;



Uline-$738.19-smcs; Union Bank &

Trust-$1,122,939.97-ps, ds; USA


USPS-$213.80-smcs; Van Wal-

l-$936.67-smcs; Volaire Avia-


Walgreens-$62.02-smcs; Wal-ma-

rt-$1,013.28-smcs; Walters Elec-

tric-$500.00-smcs; Ward,B-$-

80.00-smcs; Wasser,D-$-

45.25-smcs; Web Net-

work-$312.90-smcs; Weller,L-$80-

.00-smcs; Westheffer Compa-

ny-$171.81-smcs,co; Wheeler,S--

$190.00-smcs; Whipple,J--

$60.00-smcs; Wilco Life Insur-

ance-$10.00-ps; Winder,B-$-

160.00-smcs; Woltz,H-$155.0-

0-smcs; WPCI-$505.50-smcs;

Younger,T-$11.80-smcs; Zoom-$-

160.39-smcs; Zoysia Farm Nurse-

ries-$1,040.90-ps; Payroll Ending

06/06/2020--$522,332.57. The

foregoing schedule of claims is

published in accordance with Sec-

tion 19-1102 of the Revised Stat-

utes of Nebraska, and is published

at an expense of $145.57 to the

City of Kearney.

3. Receive recommendations of

Planning Commission and set July

14, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. as date and

time for hearing on those applica-

tions where applicable.

4. Approve the recommendation

from the Development Services Di-

vision on the annual renewal of L &

M Mobile Home Park, 1110 Central

Avenue manufactured home court

license until May 31, 2021.

5. Authorize the Mayor to send a

letter of no recommendation to the

Nebraska Liquor Control Commis-

sion on the manager application for

Cortney Gracey submitted by Kear-

ney Steak Company dba Whiskey

Creek Steakhouse located at 407

South 2nd Avenue in connection

with their Class IK-035628 liquor li-


6. Adopt Resolution No. 2020-95

approving Change Order No. 4

showing an increase in the amount

of $8,245.50, Application for Pay-

ment No. 5-Final in the amount of

$298,034.48 and accept the Certifi-

cate of Substantial Completion

submitted by Blessing Construc-

tion and approved by Miller & As-

sociates for 2019 Part 2 Improve-

ments for the construction of Pa-

triot Industrial Park consisting of

Paving Improvement District No.


7. Adopt Resolution No. 2020-96

approving Application for Payment

No. 2 in the amount of $39,753.45

submitted by GD Concrete Con-

struction and approved by Miller &

Associates for 2020 Sidewalk ADA

Improvements (also known as

Community Development Block

Grant funded Sidewalk Replace-

ment Project; Phase 2) for the proj-

ect area of 2nd Avenue to 5th Ave-

nue and 16th Street to 22nd Street.

8. Adopt Resolution No. 2020-97

calling for the redemption of Com-

bined Utilities Revenue and Re-

funding Bonds, Series 2014E, in

the principal amount of $1,950,000.

9. Adopt Resolution No. 2020-98

calling for the redemption of Com-

bined Utilities Revenue Refunding

Bonds, Series 2012, in the principal

amount of $4,750,000.

10. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-99 calling for the redemption

of Combined Utilities Revenue

Bonds, Series 2015, in the principal

amount of $2,160,000.

11. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-100 calling for the redemp-

tion of Combined Utilities Revenue

Bonds, Series 2013, in the principal

amount of $710,000.

12. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-101 ratifying all City Council

actions at virtual meetings, beginn-

ing March 24, 2020 through June 9,

2020, per Executive Orders No.

20-03 & 20-24.

13. Adopt Resolution No.

2020-102 approving Application for

Payment No. 1 in the amount of

$37,408.85 submitted by The Dia-

mond Engineering Company and

approved by Oak Creek Engineer-

ing for the Cherry Avenue Pedes-

trian Bridge Replacement.

Consent Agenda Ordinances:

By unanimous vote suspended

the rules requiring the reading of

ordinances on three different days

and placed Ordinance No. 8426

authorizing the issuance of Com-

bined Utilities Revenue Refunding

Bonds, Series 2020B, of the City of

Kearney, Nebraska, in the aggre-

gate principal amount of not to ex-

ceed $9,000,000 for the purpose of

providing for the payment and re-

demption of the City's Series 2012,

2013, 2014E and 2015 bonds; di-

recting the application of the pro-

ceeds of said bonds; prescribing

the form, terms and details of said

bonds; pledging and hypothecating

the revenue and earnings of the

waterworks plant and water sys-

tem, sewage disposal plant and

sanitary sewer system and electric

distribution system of said City for

the payment of said bonds and in-

terest thereon; authorizing officers

of the City to make arrangements

for the sale of the bonds and to

designate the final terms, rates and

maturity schedule for said bonds

within stated parameters; providing

for the collection, segregation and

application of the revenues of said

waterworks plant and water sys-

tem, sewage disposal plant and

sanitary sewer system and electric

distribution system on first reading

by number only. Ordinance No.

8426 was read by number. By

unanimous vote Ordinance No.

8426 was passed, approved and

ordered published as required by

law and made available to the pub-

lic at the Office of the City Clerk,

the City Police Department and the

Public Library.

Regular Agenda:

1. Council unanimously accepted

the Railroad Quiet Zone Feasibility

Study and authorized City staff to

proceed with the implementation of

a Railroad Quiet Zone at the 5th

Avenue Rail Crossing.

2. By a 4 to 0 vote, Clouse ab-

staining, granted permission to pay

the Open Account Claim in the

amount of $82,594.40 to Nebraska

Public Power District.

By unanimous vote Council ad-

journed at 6:12 p.m.







A complete text of the Minutes,

Resolutions and Ordinances are on

file in the Office of the City Clerk

and are available for public inspec-

tion during regular business hours.

ZNEZ Jy4,t1





Notice is hereby given that KEG-

LEY OWEN, LLC, a Nebraska lim-

ited liability company, has been or-

ganized under the laws of the State

of Nebraska. The limited liability

company was formed on June 15,

2020, and shall have perpetual ex-

istence. The general nature of its

business is to engage in and do

any lawful act concerning any and

all lawful business for which a lim-

ited liability company may be or-

ganized under the laws of Ne-

braska, and for all other purposes

authorized by law, to the same ex-

tent as natural persons might or

could do. Its affairs shall be con-

ducted by the Members pursuant

to an Operating Agreement duly

adopted by the Company. The ad-

dress of the designated office is

17390 YDC Road, Kearney, NE

68847. Carla S. Kegley-Owen is the

company's agent for service of

process. Her address is 17390

YDC Road, Kearney, NE 68847.

Kent E. Rauert, Agent

Svehla Law Offices, P.C.

408 N. Platte Ave., Suite A

York, NE 68467

(402) 362-5506

ZNEZ Je20,27,Jy4









Notice is hereby given that RK

Development, L.L.C. (hereinafter

referred to as "the Company") is or-

ganized under the laws of the State

of Nebraska. The street and mail-

ing address of the Company's ini-

tial designated office is 4135 West

70th Street, Kearney, Nebraska

68845. The initial agent for service

of process of the Company is Seth

Killion, whose street and mailing

address and post office box num-

ber is 4135 West 70th Street, Kear-

ney, Nebraska 68845.

Dated: April 9, 2019.

Seth Killion, Organizer

ZNEZ Je20,27,Jy4


1650 Farnam Street

Omaha, NE 68102

(402) 346-6000








CORP., a Nebraska corporation

(the "Corporation"), filed Articles of

Amendment of Articles of Incorpo-

ration with the Secretary of State's

Office pursuant to the Nebraska

Model Business Corporation Act on

June 23, 2020, wherein the Corpo-

ration changed its name to


Caitlin M. Gustafson, Attorney

ZNEZ Je27,Jy4,11