Meeting Proceedings

Kearney Public Schools

Board of Education

Public Hearings &

Regular Meeting

Monday, July 13, 2020

5:30 P.M.

Staff Development Room

Administration Building

320 West 24th St.

Kearney, NE 68845



At its July 13, 2020 public hear-

ings and regular meeting, the Kear-

ney Public Schools Board of

Education took the following ac-


1. Conducted public hearings on

the student fee policy and waivers,

and the parent engagement and

Title I parent engagement policies

2. Heard a report from Kent

Cordes of BD Construction on

progress being made on the Sun-

rise Middle School, Kearney High

School and Hanny Arram Center

for Success construction and reno-

vation projects

3. Heard a report from Superin-

tendent Edwards on topics dis-

cussed at the June 29, 2020 spe-

cial, public, retreat meeting of the

Board of Education

4. Approved the minutes of the

June 8, 2020 regular meeting and

the June 29, 2020 special, pub-

lic, retreat meeting of the Board of

Education, as presented

5. Approved the July, 2020

claims, as presented

6. Approved the July, 2020 finan-

cial reports, as presented

7. Reaffirmed the Student Fee

Policy in the Kearney Public

Schools, as presented

8. Reaffirmed the Parent Engage-

ment and Title I Parent Engage-

ment policies in the Kearney Public

Schools, as presented.

9. Authorized the Superintendent

or his/her designee to dispose of all

obsolete furniture, books, materi-

als, and equipment, in the most fa-

vorable manner to the school dis-

trict, in accordance with all laws,

rules and regulations pertaining to

such disposition, for the 2020-2021

school year

10. Designated Dr. Kent Edwards

to sign all claims and forms for all

federal programs for the

2020-2021 school year

11. Designated Kate Murphy and Chris Nelson as the authorized rep-

resentatives of Kearney Public Schools to sign all claims for

reimbursement, as well as all fed-

eral, state, and local information

pertaining to the school food serv-

ice program, for the 2020-2021

school year

12. Accepted the Meadowlark El-

ementary School PAC annual

self-audit report for the 2019-2020

school year, as presented

13. Accepted the bid of Hiland

Dairy for milk products for the Kearney Public Schools for the

2020-2021 school year, as listed

14. Accepted the bid of Pa-

n-O-Gold Baking Company for

bread products for the Kearney

Public Schools, for the 2020-2021

school year, as listed

15. Accepted the Park Elemen-

tary School PTO annual self-audit

report for the 2019-2020 school

year, as presented

16. Accepted the KHS Band Par-

ents' Association annual self-audit

report for the 2019-2020 school

year, as presented

17. Approved the employment of

Nathan Ott at BA, Step 1, as a 1.00

FTE special education teacher at

Kearney High School for the

2020-2021 school year, contingent

upon his ability to secure appropri-

ate teacher certification

18. Approved the refinancing of

the Series 2015 Bonds, as indi-

cated in the attached Resolution

and bond documents, for a poten-

tial savings to the district of $3.5


19. Gave first reading approval to

Revised Policy 1340 (Anti-Discrim-

ination-Community Relations), Re-

vised Policy 1363 (Comfort and

Therapy Animals/Service Animals),

Revised Policy 3885 (Electronic

Records Management and Disposi-

tion), Revised Policy 4002-AE

(Equal Opportunity Employment),

Revised Policy 4002.1 (Anti-Discri-

mination-Personnel), Revised Pol-

icy 4020 (Rights, Responsibilities,

and Duties and Classroom Environ-

ment), Revised Policy 5001 (Admi-

ssion), Revised Policy 5101 (St-

udent Discipline), Revised Policy

5401 (Anti-Discrimination-St-

udents), Revised Policy 5405

(Search and Seizure), Revised Rule

5504 (Safe Pupil Transportation),

Revised Policy 6150 (Ceremonies,

Observances, and the Pledge of Al-

legiance), Revised Policy 6245

(Equal Opportunity in Instructional

Program), New Policy 6260.6 (Ann-

ual Report & School Improvement),

Revised Policy 6320 (Damaged or

Lost Instructional Materials), and

Revised Policy 9310.6 (Designated

Method of Giving Notice of Meet-

ings), as presented

20. Adopted the attached Reso-

lution regarding the COVID-19

school re-opening plan for the

Kearney Public Schools for the

2020-2021 school year

21. Adjourned the meeting

The next regular meeting of the

Kearney Public Schools Board of

Education will be held on Monday,

August 10, 2020 at 5:30 P.M. in the

Staff Development of the Adminis-

tration Building, 320 West 24th

Street, Kearney, NE 68845.

ZNEZ Jy18,t1


Kearney, Nebraska

July 9, 2020



Mayor Clouse announced that in

accordance with Section 84-1412

of the Nebraska Revised Statutes,

a current copy of the Open Meet-

ings Act is available for review and

is posted in the room. Mayor

Clouse called the annual Joint Cit-

y/County meeting of the City Coun-

cil and Buffalo County Board of

Commissioners to order on July 9,

2020 at 4:00 p.m. with the following

Council Members responding to

roll call: Mayor Stanley Clouse,

Randy Buschkoetter, Bruce Lear,

and Tami James Moore. Absent:

Jonathan Nikkila; Council Member

Jonathan Nikkila arrived at 4:06

p.m. and the Buffalo County Board

of Commissioners: William

McMullen, Ivan Klein, Myron

Kouba, Sherry Morrow, and Dennis

Reiter. Absent: Timothy Higgins,

Ron Loeffelholz. City Clerk re-

corded the minutes. Administrative

personnel from both the City and

County were also present. Notice

of the meeting had been given ac-

cording to law.

Director of Finance Wendell Wes-

sels presented the 2020-2021

budget concerning the following

joint services: Bookmobile, Cotton-

mill Park, Law Enforcement Center,

Peterson Senior Activity Center,

Emergency Management, Prosecu-

tion Services, Vehicle Fuel Pur-

chases, Airport Road Re-Location

Financing, Kearney Area Solid

Waste Agency and Kearney Area

Animal Shelter.

By majority vote, Higgins and

Loeffelholz absent, the proposed

2020-2021 Budget was accepted

as presented.

Discussion of City/County COVID


By majority vote, Higgins and

Loeffelholz absent, the meeting ad-

journed at 4:34 p.m.








A complete text of the Minutes,

Resolutions and Ordinances are on

file in the Office of the City Clerk

and are available for public inspec-

tion during regular business hours.


ZNEZ Jy18,t1






Notice is hereby given that Trade

Name has been filed with the Sec-

retary of State of the State of Ne-


Trade Name: Live Well

Counseling Center, Kearney

Name of Applicant:

Center for Psychological

Services, PC.

Applicant is a Corporation

formed under the laws of the

State of Nebraska.

Address: 125 E. 31st Street,

Kearney Ne 68847

Date of first use of name

in Nebraska: New

General nature of business:

Outpatient mental health



ZNEZ Jy18,t1