AUSTIN, Texas - No surprise Saturday to see Roger Clemens on the Texas sideline.

Joba Chamberlain? Now that's a different story.The former All-America pitcher at Nebraska stood with his New York Yankees teammates on the UT sideline in the first half with Clemens' two youngest boys, Kody, 13, and Kacy, 11. Clemens, who pitched for the Longhorns in 1982 and 1983, wore a burnt orange shirt and UT visor with his baseball number from college, 21, stitched into the side.

Chamberlain, decked out in Nebraska gear, moved to the NU sideline in the third quarter.

He arrived in Austin on Friday and spent the better part of two days with Clemens, 45.

"We had this date circled on the calendar," Clemens said at halftime as Chamberlain tossed a football to Kody and Kacy. "Joba came down yesterday. We've a good time. He's probably going to drag me to Lincoln next year, so that'll be fun."

The Longhorns, of course, don't return to Lincoln until 2010, but who can blame Clemens for not knowing the schedule? The seven-time Cy Young Award winner has a busy slate of his own. He recently completed his 24th major league season.

As for the 22-year-old Chamberlain, he said he has spent three weeks since New York lost to Cleveland in the American League division series "relaxing and getting away from baseball."

"It's been good," said Chamberlain, who is headed back to New York this week. "Roger is great.

"We'd rather be playing right now (in the World Series), but you know what happened."